Chakra Khan

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Amber, sandalwood, vanilla, orange blossom, tonka bean, patchouli.

4 thoughts on “Chakra Khan”

  1. This goes through a stage while drying down that I don’t really care for. I’m pretty sure it’s the orange blossom that I’m not digging. It’s just not meshing with my skin chemistry. I don’t get any amber in this. Once that orange blossom fades out (happily it’s the first note to disappear) I get 70% sandalwood and 30% patchouli. Personally, I really like Hexennacht’s patchouli not and I want more in this blend. I can’t smell any vanilla but the tonka bean does come out in the final stage. Lasts around 8 hours on my skin. It’s okay but I’m not a fan of the orange blossom due to skin chemistry. It doesn’t last long but it turns my stomach so no FS for me.

  2. Sampling this completes the handful of scents that have similar notes in the Hex catalog that I had such trouble deciding between when I started my journey with the house (Planchette and Witchboard being the others). This immediately reminds me of Planchette, with the softness that’s created by the orange blossom. It has a distinct sweetness as well from the tonka bean and vanilla though and I would call it even more approachable for a patchouli perfume. It’s got a richness to it, almost liquid and silky. The patch is comfortably nestled between the other notes. The amber is making itself known in the way I love, all resiny and sweet but not cloying. I’m all about it. This is much softer and more wearable than most patchouli perfumes, especially for work, which is important to me for daily use. It does lose some points because it trends strongly toward the vanilla with wear. I don’t need this and Planchette in my collection at the same time, and Planchette wins my patchouli-loving heart. Still, CK is solid.

  3. Lightly sweet, creamy, warm, floral, earthy, and calming. Sweet orange blossom, creamy sandalwood, non-gourmand vanilla, soft amber, and smooth patchouli. Can’t say I smell any tonka.

    The orange blossom in this seems very different from the clean, inert note in Citrine…this is more what I expect from OB. Like walking through the doors of a luxury head shop.

    Like and recommend to anyone who enjoys creamy, earthy floral scents.

  4. Deep, warm and sweet with a bit of a floral undertone. The patchouli is not at all overpowering, which it often can be on my skin. It stays in the background and lends a bit of a herby/earthy quality to the fragrance. Pretty heady when first applied, but the dry down is beautiful. Very long-wearing with a decent throw

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