Coffin Nails

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Tobacco leaves, tobacco flower, whiskey, ginger, anise, coriander, clove, spices, fruitwood sap, juniper berry, hay, vetiver, benzoin, labdanum, vanilla pods, tonka bean, honey.

7 thoughts on “Coffin Nails”

  1. This is complex. It isn’t overtly boozey. I get tobacco. I can kind of smell juniper, like the berries you put on reindeer meat right? I smell some honey and maybe something earthy and sharp in the back. Maybe the vanilla softens it and I can kind of smell somethin creamy in the background. Maybe more on the masc side of things but definitely sweet. Complex and well blended.

  2. This is so unique. It’s like a decaying floral, with a very refined sweetness wafting through and lifting it back to life. I hesitate to even call it floral, because I am categorically wary of those. It’s floral in the sense that fresh tobacco can smell “floral”. It’s a little fresh and organic and outdoorsy and green and alive and… pretty. All bundled into one word. That’s basically what floral means, right? There’s an undertone on initial application that’s reminiscent of the Obsession men’s cologne my mom wore when I was growing up. It’s got to be the coriander, which they both have. It’s so much better than that fragrance, and I wish it wasn’t associating in my brain… I’ll get over it! It’s a bit of a chameleon scent, which I really dig. It morphs through a couple notes and feelings each time I sniff. I don’t think I’d classify this as entirely “masculine” like I’ve heard some people say, because it’s impressively balanced, sort of hitting on all the different aspects of fragrance and harnessing them together into one new thing. The longer it wears, the more the sweet notes come through though, and it’s delightful. That’s not to say it becomes a sweet fragrance, because it’s not. It just transitions toward a softer, sweeter version of the other ingredients. It’s a more herbal or outdoorsy sweetness, vaguely reminiscent of the way Necromancer transitions from the intense musk to its sweet notes (that one is much sweeter by comparison). It seems to last forever on me too. This certainly is special. It’s complex and hard to describe, which I like. Still, I can’t see myself wearing it often. More of a change-up scent.

  3. I got this scent in a body oil. It starts out musky and incense-forward, and as it soaks in and settles, the sweetness comes through. By hour 4, all that’s left is a soft, sweet note with an indescribable darkness.

  4. I thought there would be more love for this scent!

    It’s tied as my favorite scent from Hexennacht with Black Phillip. To me, it’s a unisex scent that prides itself in ambiguity. You will be hard pressed to find something similar. It’s a little sweet, a little musky, a little boozy, and a little bit rock n’ roll. Coffin Nails was the first scent I tried and what caused me to fall in love with Hexennacht as a brand.

    I would wholly recommend this scent if you’re into earthy, unique scents.

  5. I was not a fan of this one. For me it was a bit sharp and very “perfumey”; I’m not sure what note(s) make me say this. I think it’s juniper, labdanum, and coriander facing front, with vetiver, whiskey and something green/grassy just underneath. I didn’t get any vanilla, tonka, honey or benzoin; I assume these sort of blend in to round it out. I found this one a little bit confusing, and while it dried down a little mellower, it still just wasn’t my speed; not warm enough for my taste, a little too confusing.

  6. I’ve adored a lot of Hexennacht scents, but this had an overpowering sour smell on me which I found it really offputting. I didn’t really pick up on any of the individual notes and there was no sweetness to it, but that may just be my skin chemistry!

  7. This has a sweet understated flowery smell, which is slightly boozy from the whiskey. It has a medium to long staying power on my skin of approximately 6 hrs. It smells musky to me after a couple of hours, not sure which note is causing that.

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