Creaky Floorboards

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Old, weathered wood, aged dark patchouli.

4 thoughts on “Creaky Floorboards”

  1. Oh my, this one does not work on me at all. I expected and hoped for a dry wood note similar to the one in Apparition (which I love) with patchouli. Instead the scent was what I can only describe as a perfume interpretation of damp, musty cardboard boxes. I used a tiny dab as a test, yet despite the very light application throw was uncomfortably intense and headache-inducing. I hoped it would mellow out a bit over time, yet after a few minutes my eyes were watering and my sinuses started to itch. A definite scrubber for me.

  2. Wow, this is not what I was expecting. I get some patchouli, but I mostly get hit by this musty wood smell both in the bottle and on my skin. Like the smell of old basement. I guess creaky floorboards aren’t exactly new… still, this is not something I want to smell like. It’s a little bizarre. I keep sniffing it, hunting for some patch, and it’s nearly impossible to hold onto. I get a hint, and then nothing but musty wood again. Oh well. They can’t all be winners! The dry down becomes more of a sort of dusty patchouli. Maybe like somebody’s forgotten herb stash, dried up and rediscovered after a year or two. The mustiness is lessened, and I like it more. It’s a smooth, tame patch at the very end. I’m getting the teensiest trickle of BO now too. Patchouli can do that sometimes; It’s just rare with this house. And there’s still just the occasional whiff of basement lol… I don’t really care for it overall. This is another one I am super glad I didn’t blind buy as a roll-on because it was also high on my want list before Ajevie announced it as part of round two. Hooray!

  3. Who knew I wanted to smell like creaky floorboards?! I totally do! It’s a simple, but beautiful blend that smells exactly like the description in a sophisticated way. I don’t know. Chalk it up to Caroline’s magic.

  4. This is the scent that made me realize I don’t actually hate patchouli!! This isn’t the stanky stuff from college, this is lovely and refined, and combines with the wood note to truly smell like a cool old house.

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