Dodongo’s Cavern

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Dragon’s blood, toasted marshmallow, black cinnamon.

5 thoughts on “Dodongo’s Cavern”

  1. At first, I like this because it goes on as a fabulous sweet dragon’s blood perfume, wafting airy marshmallow and burnt herby goodness. I’m really digging it. Then the cinnamon comes on like an assault on my nose. Wait, do I amp cinnamon? I don’t think I do? Maybe this black cinnamon? Confounding. I smell like Red Hots or Big Red gum now. I’m totally not into it. After a couple hours, I smell more like the sweet dragon’s blood blend again, but the cinnamon ruined it for me. Nope, I can’t hang. Oh well.

  2. This is the dragon’s blood I looooove. The cinnamon and marshmallow are perfection, never nearing “spiced candle” territory.

  3. Dodongo’s Cavern feels like warm spicy dragons blood. The cinnamon starts out strong, settling down within the first 10 minutes or so, and then quiets down into warm dragons blood. The marshmallow adds just a touch of sweetness to make this a lovely feminine scent on me, while still remaining quite unisex.

  4. Dodongo’s Cavern is very spice heavy on my skin, with just enough marshmallow to lighten it up. It’s pretty simple compared to their other scents and it’s gorgeous.

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