Dropped Lolly

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: blood orange, clover, and freshly mown grass.

3 thoughts on “Dropped Lolly”

  1. First impression is sweet clover with a breath of orange candy. It’s better than I thought it would be. The greenness of the clover is cool and deep and dark, something I could totally hang with. Grass and I don’t usually get along though, so I’m just waiting for it to pounce out of the shadows and ruin my day. It’s the same on my skin, but with a healthy dose of hard candy backing at the opening (I wouldn’t peg it as orange now). Interesting. Then on comes the grass. I knew this was a bad idea! I’m almost itchy just sniffing this. Mown grass is an awful real-life experience for me, so the smell doesn’t bring on any good associations. I guess if you like that smell, you’ll also like this. I’d rather it just be orange and clover personally. Maybe I should seek out some other perfumes with clover specifically to see if it’s a potential solution to my distaste for “green”. I will admit that it’s tempering the grass as the fragrance sits on my skin. It’s much more bearable without that aggressive punch at the start. Still very green-centric, backed by hard candy. Pretty spot-on for the description, I suppose. I’m indifferent now. It’s not terrible. Unfortunately, the grass note starts to give me a headache while I’m trying to get a good impression of the dry down journey. I think the orange/ candy note is holding ground throughout (in its lesser role), but I find myself desperately wishing for the grass to just go away. Nope. Pass. On a side note, I didn’t scrub it. Hours later, I smell something that reminds me of Irish Spring soap on me. That’s it.

  2. Orange with fresh green grass. Literally a dropped orange candy on a field which has now picked up the grass clippings. It’s lovely and fresh. Thankfully there is no scent of hay, dirt, wetness, or any other atmospherics.

  3. This is exactly as described– a bright green grassy note, combined with a juicy orange. Like Mossypeach, it smells like the actual fruit, not a candy version. This scent is perfect for summer!

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