Embalming Fluid

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Egyptian musk, green tea, lemon.

5 thoughts on “Embalming Fluid”

  1. On my skin this is predominantly lemon. Right before it veers into “lemon cleaner territory” the Egyptian musk makes itself known and the green tea seems to temper the lemon nicely. This is a very unique and unusual smell.

    1. So it seems that Hexennacht’s lemon and a few orange notes just do not jive with my skin chemistry. It’s such a shame. The lemon in this has gone to cleaner on my skin with three separate vials. I don’t know why I hoped things would change but no such luck. I wanted this to work on my skin so much.

  2. This smells amazing, I adore the smell. It smells mostly like lemon, I don’t really get any green tea or musk. It smells like a lemon yankee candle! Unfortunately the lasting power isn’t great, maybe 1-2 hours on my skin. If this lasted all day, I would repurchase, but it’s so fleeting that it isn’t worth it

  3. I like this immediately. The citrus cuts through the alcohol smell and I catch a whiff of my beloved Egyptian musk. My skin helps it take on a surprising candied lemon smell, which is mouthwateringly delicious. It’s deepened by musk and then cleaned up with cool green tea. This vaguely reminds me of the bottles of Lipton Green Tea I used to get out of the vending machines at work… but interpreted into gorgeous perfume form. I’m totally digging it for a change-of-pace scent for me. It’s also chill enough to wear to work. Through the wear, the Egyptian Musk slowly takes over, and I’m an absolute sucker for that smell. It’s super sexy, yet demure. Surprising winner!

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