Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: lavender wands, cowrie shells, coconut husks, tonka beans, black amber, hyssop, spikenard, tea leaves.

3 thoughts on “Espiritismo”

  1. Espiritismo is the love child of BPAL’s TKO and Dorian. I love both of those and therefore, I also love this scent. I mostly smell strong lavender (which is herbal in the beginning but soon softens and becomes sweet), vanillic tonka, black tea, and just a touch of coconut.

  2. Right off the bat, I’m confused. There’s just so much going on, most of it unfamiliar. It’s, um… fresh? Some sort of herbal tea… lavender maybe? With the tiniest dash of sugar? It’s also giving me a beachy impression, which I guess must be shells? What the heck does a cowrie shell even smell like? The thing is, I don’t actively smell COCONUT at first, but I know it’s there. I also get a sort of creaminess after it sits for a while on my skin but am unsure of the source. As it approaches the dry down, the coconut becomes apparent and recognizable. I’m reminded of strolling through cheap souvenir shops at the beach for some reason. This is the strangest scent I’ve encountered. I don’t hate it necessarily, but my brain is having such a hard time nailing it down that I don’t necessarily like it either. I guess it smells objectively good, but I just don’t know how to feel about it. I find myself craving something dark and dirty. Just something more to grab my interest. So, I suppose this is ultimately a pass. Give it a try though, if for no other reason than its strangeness.

  3. Very sweet, sugary, creamy, and bright. Sugared coconut, creamy tonka, candied lavender, sweet lemony tea leaves, vanilla, and black amber. Can’t say I smell any hyssop or spikenard (not I wouldn’t know what the later smells like).

    I almost feel like this is too sweet for me, but there’s just enough tartness in the lavender and tea leaves to balance it out a bit.

    Love and recommend to those who enjoy candied lavender or creamy coconut.

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