Felix Felicis

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Fresh green grass, clover, tart green apple, watermelon.

2 thoughts on “Felix Felicis”

  1. Smells just like a watermelon jolly rancher. It’s very fresh and fruity, but more in a candied way than in a realistic way. It reminds me of a fruity kid’s shampoo.

  2. My first impression is spot-on watermelon Bubble Yum. Like whoa. Childhood nostalgia. It’s lifted at the end by the green notes though, and I’m intrigued. This could be fresh-fruity done rather maturely. Once it’s on my skin, the clean greenness is stronger. I had my friend smell it and he said it smells like watermelon gum rolled in grass. The visual makes me giggle and now I can’t stop picturing it… he’s kinda right. I don’t dislike this, but it isn’t me as far as perfume goes. It was a fun scent to try though. It’s super fresh and it’s fruity without being childish. I’d call it unisex, and I think it would make a stunning body wash or bubble bath.

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