Freddy Loves Nancy

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Dreamy, pillowy, torched marshmallows, and strong black coffee.

8 thoughts on “Freddy Loves Nancy”

  1. A more pleasant Cafe Noir, sweeter. Hides the burnt note a bit better, but my nose still finds it. Then fades into a charred marshmallow after a few hours. I really wish my skin did better with Hex’s coffee note.

  2. I know that the notes listed are coffee and marshmallow but I’m getting a burnt smoky note out of this too. Could it be burnt coffee? It smells a bit more complicated than that but I’m having a hard time describing it. Initially this was 60% bold black coffee and 40% marshmallow. The sweetness fades as the coffee takes on a smoky note. It’s not a smoky wood note or a smoky resin nor is it chimney or campfire smoke. Hmm maybe it is burnt coffee after all. It’s a nice strong coffee scent on my skin with hints of marshmallow sweetness and a hint of something smoky or possibly burnt. It really shines on a cold dreary day and lasts around 5 or so hours on me with a decent throw.

    1. So after wearing this perfume oil a few more times I went back and looked at Hexennacht’s scent description of Freddy Loves Nancy and I’ve been smelling the “torched marshmallows”, not burnt coffee. I don’t know why my nose and brain didn’t make that connection with the smell. I’m torn between getting a FS of this or Cafe Noir but I can’t decide which one to pick just yet for a great coffee scent as they’re both delicious on my skin.

  3. Extremely sweet, syrupy, and acrid. An unusually buttery coffee, a sweet syrupy note, and something burning (not marshmallows… this particular burned note doesn’t seem edible at all).

    The buttery quality of the coffee is unpleasant, the sweet syrupy note is extremely cloying, and the burned note is honestly just awful.

    HELLL NO!!! I have no idea who I’d recommend this to based on how it smells to me.

  4. Wow! The description says strong black coffee and this one delivers! I’m a huge cold brew fan, and I take it black, so I’m digging this right off the bat. The coffee note here captures the smell of fresh-ground Colombian beans. Assertive and eye-rollingly delicious. The marshmallow is subtle and doesn’t stand up to it, but I think that might be okay. It lends a delicate sweetness that stops the coffee from becoming straight-up bitter. I can NOT stop sniffing my arm. It’s addicting… which is kind of fitting when I think about it. I really want coffee now (duh). I’m seriously debating whether this might overtake Basic Bitch as my coffee scent of choice. But after some thought, I take the sentiment back. BB has such a nice niche for fall in addition to being yummy coffee, whereas this one is quite straightforward. I can’t think of when I would wear this. I love the smell of coffee, but it’s not something I want to smell like… by itself. It would make a great soap or bath product though. I would use it in a diffuser too. As it sits on my skin, it becomes a rich espresso, still tempered with a soft sweetness. It’s only calmed slightly, but it feels richer. Almost as if the marshmallow has melted in. The extreme dry down is blowing my mind by still being very much a strong coffee smell despite being nearly gone. I still don’t think this is a must-buy, but damn I am in love with it anyway. I am very impressed with a coffee scent that legitimately smells like a cup of coffee and not some coffee confection. It’s right under BB for the best of the coffees. I just think I’m content with only owning one of them.

  5. Ever on the lookout for the perfect coffee scent, I’m sad to say this isn’t it. This is less coffee and more coffee shop (specifically Gloria Jean’s if you’ve ever been in one), where the brew’s been sitting on the warmer a bit too long and the person ahead of you asked for 10 pumps of marshmallow syrup. If that’s your jam then all the more power to you, you’ll probably love this blend.

  6. This is one of the two I got in a rollerball . I love coffee notes and thought it would be a fun thing to use for layering.

    In the bottle:
    Almost-cloying sweetness then bam! Bitter coffee.

    On application:
    Oh dear, I may have made a mistake. It’s very strong. How can something be so sweet and so bitter at the same time? Caroline wasn’t kidding when she described the “strong black coffee”. But like… It’s more slightly overbrewed coffee grinds
    My dog licked a bit off my arm then his ears went flat and he looked at me with betrayal in his eyes.

    I mean, it lasts for ages and the throw is great? But it’s kinda gross. If you sniff really closely there’s an edge to the bitterness that’s almost alcoholic. The marshmallow comes out more a few hours in but I don’t think I care for it. It’s very cloyingly sweet. I may actually have to destash this and rethink how I feel about coffee notes. Gutted bro.

  7. DANG, that’s an awesome coffee scent!!! I get a touch of sweetness from the marshmallow note, but it’s overall just strong coffee on me (but a really really good coffee!)

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