Frickin’ Bats

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: vanilla ice cream, black licorice whips, candy corn, root beer, kettle corn.

5 thoughts on “Frickin’ Bats”

  1. *make sure you shake this one up before use* I didn’t the first time I tried it out and it was all wintergreen to my nose. After reading the notes, this must be the root beer but my nose and my brain are saying wintergreen/sassafras. In fact, it smells like a gum that i used to obsessively chew in junior high. I think it was called Winterfresh??? Dark blue packaging, white lettering and the sticks of wintergreen gum were an aqua blue shade. This root beer note also slightly reminds me of Teaberry gum. I found this strange because smelling it from the vial I detected all of the listed notes. It’s only when this perfume oil makes contact with my skin that I get bitch slapped by the wintergreen/sassafrass fairy. What gives?!?! Then I thought to myself the next time I tried this that maybe I should shake it a bit to make sure it’s mixed. So shake I did and this time all of the notes were noticeable on my skin. The root beer (I’m still getting wintergreen/sassafras) note still dominated but it was tempered by everything else. This only lasted about three hours on me both times. At the very end stage of this it settles in to the loveliest vanilla ice cream that stays super close to the skin. I was hoping the licorice note would be stronger like it was in Pennywise. It’s there but it’s the first note to disappear on me. Two authentic root beer scents to me are Solstice Scents Crimson Sap and Sassafras and Alpha Musk’s Fuzzy Root Beer. To me, the “root beer” note in this is much more of a wintergreen or sassafras as it blooms on my skin. Maybe it’s a skin chemistry thing? Frickin Bats is good but it lacks the root beer note that I was hoping for. I wonder what Wolfsbane will smell like? I haven’t yet opened the vial yet a strong wintergreen/sassafras note permeates my little storage drawer where I rest my oils before giving them a go. I enjoyed Frickin Bats even though it turned out somewhat unexpectedly on me.

  2. Super Foodie Gourmand! It’s like a candy shop, soda fountain and popcorn machine had a baby. The licorice and root beer are fun but I would prefer this as a room scent. It would make an amazing candle.

  3. Starting out, the licorice is too much. Combined with the root beer, it’s trending medicinal and with the sugar backing, I really don’t like it. It’s cloying and way too strong. It’s so crazy for me when Hex scents don’t work! Even during initial fade, it’s still just way too licorice-y for me. I’m super disappointed after the happy surprises of Pennywise and Vaniglia Liquirizia. The extreme dry down cuddles into the creamy sweetness underneath and I’m eternally grateful. Give me vanilla ice cream, candy corn, and kettle corn all day. I’m about to bust out the Wouldst Thou Like the Taste of Butter? for real. You MUST like licorice for this one. It’s just left me wanting more of its weakest components, so it’s obviously not a match!

  4. I really never get sick of a licorice/anise scent and this one is really great, it smells like rootbeer and the creamy ice cream/candy corn notes kinda smell like cream soda. There is a faint savory popcorn vibe underlying the sweet notes. I probably prefer this to Alkemia All The Sins but maybe not more then Poesie Something Fierce. It has its place in my licorice collection though and I’m glad I bought it

  5. I got this as a soap sample. It’s a really strong scent! I smell a mixture of licorice and root beer, with some kettle corn underneath. It’s delicious and a bit spicy. Definitely sweet and a fun scent for fall, if you’re into food notes.

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