Gold Skulltula

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Golden amber, cardamom, vanilla orchid, vanilla bean, tonka, myrrh.

14 thoughts on “Gold Skulltula”

  1. This is probably the sexiest scent I own. It’s also a bit cozy. It stays almost the same from application to when it fades off. Amber, vanilla, and tonka. A pretty great scent.

  2. Opens with spiced and strongly gourmand amber in the veins of Alkemia’s Ghost Fire (or Hex’s own Loup-garou and Nightshade), but grows to be far less sweet and heavy with its dry, earthy nuances that renders the amber almost like ambergris. Vanilla orchid (sweet and musky, but not especially vanillic) lends a strong floral undercurrent to the drydown; Gold Skulltula turned out to be surprisingly dimensional and not very foody.

  3. Warm, golden and slightly spiced. Creamy and indulgent. Beautiful for layering to cream up something harsh, or just a subtle sexy, cozy scent. I love layering this with Arcana Holy Terror or Lush American Cream.

  4. Vanilla-drenched resins with a pinch of floral. It’s more complex than that, certainly, but so well-blended that picking it apart becomes tricky. If you’re familiar with butter crunch ice cream (not butter pecan but the stuff that’s just bits of caramelized sugar in a toffee-flavored ice cream) it’s the perfume equivalent of that flavor. Decadent and rich, but not necessarily gourmand. My skin is a cruel beast which turns it just a touch plasticky on the drydown, but that could also be the summer heat playing poorly with a scent that would do better in cooler weather. Can’t wait to retry it when autumn rolls around!

  5. This is just a beautiful scent. A warm golden vanilla—I don’t really get the cardamom (which normally goes syrupy on me, so I’m thankful). It’s a near perfect dupe for Commodity Gold, which is now discontinued. Perfect for any occasion and I’ve received several compliments when wearing it.

  6. This scent is absolutely gorgeous, I can see why it’s a fan favourite! Once my sample(s) of this are done I plan to full size, it’s warm and comforting, I would wear this to bed ngl. I don’t get the cardamom and the orchid if it’s there is faint, this is very much a vanillic amber to my nose and I absolutely adore it! 10/10 would recommend c:

  7. Lightly sweet, creamy, rich, warm, resinous, and exotic. Nutty amber, cardamom, resinous myrrh, tonka, vanilla orchid, and vanilla bean.

    I find all of the notes to be present and very well balanced. None of them stronger than any other. I absolutely love this. It reminds me a bit of spirit temple, but it’s more complex and not nearly as sweet. Like walking through a Tibetan street market in the afternoon, the golden sun beaming down and the scent of exotic resins, spices, and sweet street foods wafting through the air.

    Love and recommend to anyone who enjoys warm, exotic scents.

  8. In the bottle:
    Bright and spicy, not immediately appealing.

    On application:
    Why hello there. This is so delicious. I wasn’t initially going to order this, but after reading so many glowing reviews I just had to and I’m so glad I did. This is glowing, glorious, amber-coloured warmth and round fullness. It’s spicy and sweet with a fizzy, sparkling spice buzzing around. I should have realised I would love it, what with the vanilla, tonka and cardamom. None of the notes are necessarily jumping out at me, but everything just swirls in perfectly blended layers. It’s sweet and spicy without leaning “food”.
    It reminds me when I was a kid and we’d go visit my sophisticated aunt in her hundred-year-old house filled with curios and fine art and antiques.

    This lasts for aaaages. It’s so nice and warm and spicy and complex. It does mellow down into a smooth vanilla the longer it’s on. I love this. I want it all over me all the time. Please try it.

    (husband: “it’s that candle essence shit from the witch shop.” I love him, but he is objectively wrong. Later: “oh yeah, vanillary”)

  9. This one had a lot of review hype going into it. It boasts a couple banger notes for me – amber, cardamom, tonka, myrrh… of particular interest is the vanilla orchid. It frequently appears in blends I end up loving from other perfume houses, which is what made me pull the trigger. It’s an expensive-smelling vanilla perfume, quite feminine leaning. The rich liquid amber is there, equal with the vanilla, and that orchid note makes it all feel grown-up and pretty. It also seems to stop it from going to candy or baking town. Absolutely no throwaway, generic vanilla here! I don’t smell the spice aspect from the cardamom that I’ve come to enjoy from this house, nor do I get a bristly, resin-y myrrh vibe, but I could see the tonka adding to the depth of the sweetness. I also see what people mean by this being a “crowd pleaser”. I can’t imagine anyone disliking it; It’s just so well-executed. I see myself reaching for this specifically when I can’t decide what I want to wear, and it can also be classified as work-friendly. It doesn’t have any darkness to it that typically creates a favorite for me, but I’m putting it up there all the same. It reminds me of a straight chocolate/ amber blend I love, but with vanilla and a flirty floral lift instead. It’s cuddly and lovely and I know it won’t disappoint when I do select it.

  10. It smells like a non-gourmand cookie, if that makes any sense. I get a deep and warm amber — I don’t know enough about what the other notes smell like individually to pick them out. It makes me feel like a society lady! A very elegant perfume and my favorite from Hex.

  11. Ohmygawwwwd (is was came out of my mouth when I first sniffed this). Warm, spiced sexiness. My nose is not trained to recognize vanilla orchid, tonka, or myrrh, but I’d say the end product is greater than the sum of its parts. At first it’s putting your nose into a jar of beautiful, rich vanilla bean paste, then the vanilla blends into a perfectly balanced rich, spiced and slightly resinous cloud. I really love that no single note stands out above the whole for more than a fleeting moment. Looking at these notes not long ago I would have assumed this scent would be heavy and possibly give me a headache, but instead it’s intoxicating and I can’t stop sniffing myself.

  12. The more I use this, the more I like it. It’s warm, sweet and rounded, with some real depth from the amber and myrrh and some interest from the cardamom. I wouldn’t say you can smell the cardamom terribly strongly outright; just that it adds something. The myrrh gives this an incensey depth after it dries down and develops that I just love.

  13. Mostly just turns out golden amber and vanilla. Really good though! Warm and cozy, a very good cuddly cold-weather scent. I kind of wish I got more of the cardamom.

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