Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Freshly overturned dirt, pine boxes, cedarwood.

3 thoughts on “Graveyard”

  1. I grabbed a sample of this as I near the end of the Hex catalog, but it’s got both cedar and pine, which are not my friends. At first, I’m okay with this. I get some lovely dirt backed with light wood notes. It starts veering into extra pine-y territory as it sits though and I’m out. Sticky pine sap is just gross to my nose and that’s coming in full force. I don’t know why it’s hitting me like that either because this is supposed to be “pine boxes”, which I would think would be lighter and softer. I guess maybe the combination with the cedar is just amping it to hell. I suspected this would be a miss for me and I was correct this time. It’s very pine and cedar forward for the heart of wear. I feel like a beaver. It’s just not my taste. Pine rarely treats me well and the cedar is somehow making it worse. I’m trying to reframe and find something I like, trying to pull that cool dirt I was digging at the beginning back out. Now I feel like I’m walking through the garden center section in a home improvement store being assaulted by wood chips of every variety. It’s just the wrong kind of outdoorsy! Mega nope. It’s a lot more tolerable as it fades, moving more towards soft cedar and whispery, amorphous wood. I’m thankful for the reprieve. Still a no, but the ending is much improved.

  2. This smells like someone rearranged a Home Depot by putting all the potting soil in the wood section. It’s fantastic and I love it, I only wish the dirt note lasted longer.

  3. I cannot get enough of this scent! The pine is dominant in it, but it’s so beautiful. It reminds me of playing in the woods as a kid….. digging in the dirt, using branches to build huts, throwing pinecones at my brother =D Graveyard is woody and fresh overall, but there’s something dark and sinister lurking in the background.

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