Heaven Above, Earth Below

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: White amber, fresh ozonic air, new mown hay, sunwarmed skin, cyclamen, petrichor, moss, damp earth.

4 thoughts on “Heaven Above, Earth Below”

  1. This is the last of the petrichor scents in the catalog for me (Fallen Angel and Elemental being the other two). I immediately like this one most. I feel like I saw more positive reviews of the other two as I was deciding the order to sample them, so that’s amusing. I get a healthy dose of hazy, atmospheric rainwater and fresh warm air both in the bottle and on skin. I can tell there’s a lot of complexity beneath that surface waiting to be revealed. It retains the initial impressions on my skin, slowly revealing the other notes as it sits. I don’t get any “green” here. It’s all warm, golden hay and trickles of dark brown turned soil, like I’m trailing my fingers through it. This reminds me of… Moonstone and Le Chat Noir (!?). Similarly, the gossamer white amber that can go awry/ disappear on my skin is elevated by other notes to something I happily enjoy. Moonstone led it down a shockingly clean jasmine path and LCN added glorious smoky kitten flair. This one is taking it to a pristine farmhouse, gazing out from a screened-in porch just after it’s rained. The ozone and petrichor are reminding me of what I perceived as “snow” in LCN but on the other end of the temperature spectrum. It’s wonderful! I was not prepared for this journey as it’s completely different from the other two I thought were in the same category. It’s also my hands down winner for Hex petrichor. I’m thankful for the lack of overt greenery. I get some mossy vibes occasionally later in the wear, but it’s just a whiff on the breeze sort of situation and I’m not offended by it. This would make a great body oil, though I’m already set on repurchasing LCN and I don’t need both. Still, I’ll count it as a high maybe for the future. It would serve well as a base layer to my tiny-but-growing outdoorsy perfume collection, so it gets a heavy check mark there. The dry down keeps giving me LCN vibes, but warm, so like the summer counterpart: a lazy barn cat wandering in for cuddles. I’m drawn to it. Solid.

  2. STRONG dirt note, followed by lots of petrichor and ozone. Gets a bit sweeter as it dries but none of that sweet artificial rain nonsense. I don’t get the other things at all.

  3. So, I opened this one, closed my eyes, took a sniff – and was instantly out in my yard, the day after a heavy rain in fall or winter, where you can really smell the cold mud and the bitterness of the grass. I handed it over to my roommate, who took a whiff and went ‘that one’s weird. it’s–that’s just straight dirt. It’s like digging in a garden.’ Couple days later, I finally give it the old college try – this is way too strong for me to sleep with, so I wanted to put it on in the morning and wear it all day.

    The dirt smell mellowed considerably over those couple days, but this is still a hyper-realistic wet, grassy smell. It smoothed out some as I wore it, and eventually, I could detect the faintest bit of the white amber and skin musk – but it was so faint it might as well have been the memory of a smell. A little touch of prettiness in an otherwise hyper-realistic atmospheric. When this reached the point where it was fading to nothing, it was a very pleasant sweetness on my skin. I also had put some of it on my chest, and it got on my shirt – which consequently smelled like straight dirt, like I had been gardening in that shirt. Impressive sillage, and it lasted a good 6-7 hours.

  4. Weird, a bit green but not too green. Smells mossy and ozonic, almost cologne-y. As it dries I get a lot of what I think is skin musk, which always ends up going kind of sunscreen-y on my skin. It’s not my favorite because of the skin musk, but overall not bad. Amazing longevity, though- one day later it was still going strong.

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