Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Pumpkin cakes, mace, smoked vanilla, burnt sugar.

2 thoughts on “Hellebore”

  1. This smells like a pumpkin wax melt in the bottle. Idk where I’m getting wax from. Maybe the burnt sugar aspect? Once I put it on, it changes quite a bit. I smell fresh pumpkin, like I just cut into one while carving Jack-o’-lanterns. There’s a vanilla, but it’s muted, and I do get a sense that something’s been toasted, but not like a marshmallow. Imagine the smell of a freshly torched crème brûlée. It’s accurate. Impressive. There’s also a sort of hollow-feeling spice. I looked up mace and it’s the shell of nutmeg, so that strangely makes sense. It’s initially got the same dusty smell I got from Frau Perchta too. That’s not my favorite aspect. Luckily it doesn’t hang around long here. It settles into more nutmeg than pepper. Overall, this is a nice fresh pumpkin smell, and it’s very wearable. I would recommend it to others who want a realistic pumpkin with an unexpected take on the spice aspect.

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