Fallen Angel

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: rain-soaked granite, mountain air, petrichor, creeping ivy, damp earth

5 thoughts on “Fallen Angel”

  1. This is incredible. I don’t know how they managed to capture such realistic granite. Theres something a little bit floral, the ivy maybe? Dirty, contemplative, damp, green, a little sweet – just amazing.

  2. A very lifelike rainy outside smell. Got this for someone else but I dig it. Not very earthy, mostly wet foliage. But I do get that kinda aquatic “melon” smell.

  3. I’m happy to report this doesn’t smell like kale to me lol… another reviewer described it that way and I’ve been itching to see how my take compares to that ever since. It actually smells like being outside after it rains! That’s kinda what it’s supposed to smell like, so I’m excited it’s working for me. It’s super, super green without being forest-y or pine-y and it’s… wet somehow. So that’s gotta be petrichor, right? I can’t say I smell granite or stone… but that’s abstract to begin with. Overall, it’s a quite impressive, lovely little atmospheric that wears well on my skin. I honestly didn’t expect to like it even a little bit, so that’s cool. It becomes more and more fresh-cut grass as it wears and I’m not as into it anymore. It was fun while it lasted! So, this is not my style by a long shot, but I’m impressed by it nonetheless. I think it could be great worn to an outdoor event. It’s not for me, but I’m glad I got to test it out.

  4. I was so excited for this. I honestly couldn’t really imagine what it would smell like, but those notes! I mean, have you ever heard anything more goth? Ivy! Earth! Rain-soaked granite! Even if it wasn’t the sort of thing I’d wear normally, I thought it would be a cool, complex scent to layer with something sweeter. Welp….

    In the bottle: Oh dear god, what have I done? It’s kale. Sharp, bitter, uncooked kale. Specifically cavolo nero. Maybe some fresh-cut grass. Maybe a little sweetness. Mostly kale. Ugh.

    On application:
    Gotta be honest, applied this on the back of my hand to make sure it didn’t get on any of my clothes by mistake. Because I hate this. It’s so bitter. It’s kale. So much kale. I want to sautee it with butter and garlic. I don’t get any of the fun atmospherics other people do. This just stinks of kale. I just want it to stop. I want it to go away. But I’m not scrubbing it because science!

    Some hours later:
    I’m trying to be fair. It’s okay. A lot less bitter, now I’m getting some sweetness. But it’s very faint now. Husband couldn’t smell it (but his nose is all kind of messed up). Five+ hours into this it’s okay. Smooth and gentle, but that is not enough for me.

    Okay, I’m going to put this in a dark drawer and leave it well alone for a really long time. Maybe something will happen. Maybe this will smell better when it’s cold. Maybe my nose will mature. Maybe I’ll just get used to it. I really hate this though. It’s so bad. And the worst thing is the sillage is really good. I can’t escape it. My dreams of smelling like a beautiful, dark, creepy gothic angel have been dashed against the nonexistent wet granite. This makes me so sad. Poor Taffy.

    (Husband went “ew!” Then immediately went back in to sniff it again. He thought it smelled smoky for some reason…)

  5. This smells exactly like walking through a graveyard after rain. Very nice petrichor scent. I get a ton of the stone and dirt. Super realistic atmospheric scent, but the ivy makes it wearable by adding some green/floral background notes.

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