Southern Hospitali-tea

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Sweet tea, marionberry scones, freshly-made strawberry preserves.

4 thoughts on “Southern Hospitali-tea”

  1. Right away this is strawberry preserves along with another berry (must be the marionberry) that’s the most dominant note on my skin. It pretty much stays like this, although I do get whiffs of the sweet tea here and there. I really enjoyed this even though I usually don’t have much luck with “berry” smells. This would be nice in the warmer months or when looking for a strawberry/berry scent. The berry notes didn’t turn artificial on me and stayed true. I think this would blend so well into many other scents…endless possibilities.

  2. I can feel the heat of a summer sun beating down on me as I sip iced tea and slather a scone in butter and jam. The sweet strawberry is delicious and teeth-achingly accurate. I’ve never had marionberry but I think I remember Caroline saying it’s similar to huckleberry, and I can really smell that in there with a whiff of scone biscuitiness. It’s triggering a memory of a ride through Yellowstone National Park and huckleberry candy. The tea note is actually making me thirsty, and I don’t like sweet tea. I’m imagining a tall glass of cold brew with frozen strawberries in it. I can see the glass sweating right now as I take another sniff.

  3. Fruity, sweet, and bright. Sugared strawberries and sweet tea with hints of scones and tart blackberries.

    This is so realistic! The tea smells exactly like sweet tea. The problem is… I’ve never liked sweet tea! I bought it ’cause I didn’t expect it to smell so specific. Like sitting on the front porch swing in the middle of July with a pitcher of sweet tea and delicious homemade treats sitting on the table.

    Not for me, but highly recommend to sweet tea lovers!

  4. Now here we go! I had no idea I would dig this so much! I don’t drink sweet tea (Side ramble: I come from the mid-West, where we order iced tea, and no one assumes our sugar preference lol… imagine my shock the first time I got some in SC… ANYWAY). That sweet tea note provides such a unique sweet element here. It’s a sweetness with depth. I love it. I’m almost giddy with enchantment over it, in fact. The fruit combination is actually the star of this show though. “Marion” must be the elusive berry I’ve been wanting in a perfume for so long. It smells so deep, dark, and juicy, what I would probably blind label as a blackberry. The strawberry preserves receive such support and nuance from that other berry, and there’s a sense of sticky jamminess. This is totally going to be my staple summer scent this year. I adore it, and that’s saying a lot for me since I don’t tend to keep a lot of fruity around! Excellent. It doesn’t have the best staying power, though that is par for the course with fruit scents in my experience. I’ve recently been layering it over Embalming Fluid for some depth and it lasts much longer that way. It’s done great with other fruits, with gourmands, with darker stuff… I’ll be experimenting with all sorts of base and top layers. I can’t wait.

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