Sunday Mourning

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Freshly-juiced blood oranges, stacks of buttermilk pancakes, rivulets of maple syrup, and a melty pat of butter.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Mourning”

  1. A dead on gourmand perfume oil. It starts out with a burst of freshly juiced blood oranges that fade into buttery syrupy pancakes that lasts and lasts and lasts…that’s saying something because my skin usually eats up scents. This ends smelling predominantly of maple syrup. I expected this as I tend to amp maple but I’m not mad about it. This legit makes me hungry for pancakes loaded with butter and maple syrup. My only gripe is that I wish that the blood orange note lasted longer. I smelled every individual note listed in the description in this one. Exceptionally well done!!!

  2. I didn’t expect to love this one, but I do! It starts out with bright orange juice. After that initial burst, the juice melds together with the realistic smell of buttery pancakes with maple syrup. Someone else noted that this is too strong, but if you’re like me and your skin immediately eats up scents, this is one you’ll actually be able to smell so the strength is a plus for me.

  3. Very true to the description, just insaaanely strong! I would enjoy this more if it was more subtle, like a leftover smell from a good breakfast. Instead it smells like literally swimming in a buttery orange juice.

  4. This smells like fresh orange juice and buttery pancakes. There is a definite sugary sweetness coming from the syrup, which gets a little bit stronger and replaces the orange over time. I can’t decide if I like it just because of personal preferences – Mixing fruit with sweets can sometimes make me sick. It does smell true to description, though, and it stays nice like that throughout its wear.

  5. I had to test this one a few times before deciding it’s absolutely freaking amazing. I went into it with high expectations, which can often spell disaster for me, and it was a rocky start. I was first struck by how much orange there is. In my head, I was going to mainly smell a tower of pancakes fresh off the griddle, drizzled with syrup, and butter… and maybe a drop of orange somewhere along the way. So, when I get smacked in the face with sweet orange, my brain is alarmed. Knowing how finicky first smells can be, I put it aside and tried again a few days later. Fully prepared for the orange now, it’s nowhere near as scary as I first experienced it to be. I almost feel bad for making such a quick, false judgement. Don’t get me wrong; The orange is still very much there. However, there’s this delectable BUTTER note oozing through it that’s driving me wild! It’s so damn good. I legit smell like I fresh-squeezed some orange juice, got it all over myself and immediately ate buttermilk pancakes topped with real butter and maple syrup… with my hands. Then instead of washing up, I just rubbed myself down with everything and called it a day. I keep expecting to feel sticky lol… I’m still surprised by the orange presence at times, but if I’m being honest, it’s a perfectly lovely, delicate note… almost candy-like at times as it mixes with the syrup. It’s ever-so-slightly tart too, giving a nice counterpoint to the rich and decadent core. I took some time to come around, but I really like this! I reach for it often because I don’t have anything else like it, and I literally adore it for lazy Sundays!

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