Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Desiccated leaves, hedgerow blossoms, charred pinyon, aged cedarwood boughs, petrified tree sap, crisp fall air, laurel, clove bud, smoke-tinged balsam, santalum, and graveyard dirt.

6 thoughts on “Thanatos”

  1. This smells exactly like a haunted, deep forest on me. Ever heard Hozier’s “In the Woods Somewhere?” Because this is that song in perfume format. It smells like a forest that’s haunted, yes, but part of what gives its creep factor is how deep and forboding the forest itself smells. I love it. There’s a sweetness of the amber/petrified tree sap, but it makes it alluring. It’s well blended, and on me, it’s pretty piney.

  2. I immediately smell tree sap and a variety of sticks, leaves, and branches… like I’m gathering wood for a bonfire before everyone arrives. But, it’s a perfume interpretation of that. It’s got a real finesse to it. I like it better than Mephistopheles because it feels like it was made not to just represent a real smell, but a creatively extended version. I’ve found that atmospherics tend to work better for me when they’re identifiable, but somehow transformed beyond. This isn’t what I would ACTUALLY smell like if I just gathered a bunch of firewood and didn’t shower. It’s a prettier version of that, if that makes sense. The tree sap gives it a rich, sweet lean while still retaining its outdoorsy-ness. Cool. It’s not really me, but I can admit I appreciate its artistry. I think if you’re on the fence about this one, but this is your style of scent, you should probably go for it. It gets SUPER sweet as it wears on my skin though and I’m even less enthusiastic about it. It’s teetering on fruity at times, for some reason. But like, the kind of fruit you’re not supposed to eat. It might be poisonous. I think I’m amping tree sap? This was already a no for me, but now I’m a bit more emphatic.

  3. Coconut? Why does this smell like coconut on my skin?

    In the bottle, it smells like the woods near my parents house when I was growing up. Once I put it on my skin, it smells like sweetened coconut, the kind you get at the grocery store to make coconut cake. I’m very confused.

  4. To me this is crisp fall leaves, woodsy, a tiny bit balsamic, a little aromatic from the laurel, just a really great late autumn woods scent. As it dries down it mellows very slowly into something a little sweeter and gentler than how it opens. As another commenter here has said, this is not an earthy or dirty scent (there are lots of others from this house that fit that description though!); instead, this is conifers, fresh fall air, and drying leaves – resinous and balsamic without being thick or cloying, a small amount of sweetness far in the background, and crisp without being sharp or sour at all. Definitely an outdoorsy scent.

  5. I liked this quite a bit when i first received it, but now I think I need to destash it. I can get a sense of walking through a forest where the floor is covered with fallen yellow and red leaves. But there’s something in it that makes it too sweet for me, maybe the sap. I wish it was slightly more earthy/dirty

  6. When I first got this in the mail, it smelled mostly like skittles that had melted slightly from the warmth of your hand, which is definitely not anything like the notes said, BUT thankfully, this was temporary! After a week or two of resting it calmed down from sugary to the earthy and evocative scent it is intended to be! In the bottle it smells like sweet resin, slightly tampered by woodiness and maybe a tiny bit of spiciness/smokiness. I don’t really get any clove in the bottle or on the skin since I know vividly what it smells like, but overall I do get the impression of Autumn and visualize leaves crunching underfoot when I wear it. It has pretty good longevity but doesn’t last quite as long as Le Chat Noir on me, so maybe 5 hours or so, and the scent seems to hold really well if it gets transferred onto clothes through it brushing against skin where it was applied. I definitely like this scent!

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