Hyrule Castle

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Double bergamot earl grey tea, almond-orange tea cakes.

7 thoughts on “Hyrule Castle”

  1. Exactly as described. I get the almond-orange cake up front but not the orange glow cleaner scent that blood orange notes leave behind this is different. Like a cupcake with orange frosting. The tea notes come through as it dries and I can’t stop smelling myself. This one works with my skin chemistry and smells just as amazing as in bottle once applied. Hands down a winner, brought a big bottle before it goes discontinued.

  2. I get the orange cleaner note that Astrogeeks is talking about. On a side note, Hexennacht’s orange and lemon notes both seem to go into cleaner territory on my skin. Back to Hyrule Castle, that orange is coming across as a cleaner but then the sweetness of the almond seems to temper the orange somewhat. The almond is reading as a cherry note to my nose. I think the bergamot helps to cancel out that orange cleaner smell too. I’m getting a slight floral note, could that be the early grey tea coming through? This is okay and I’ve enjoyed my sample but I don’t like it enough for a FS bottle. Lasted about 3 hours on my skin. As per usual, this perfume oil lasts longer on my clothes and bedding. For tea scents, I prefer Hyrule Castle to Crowley (which went down in flames due to skin chemistry but smells good in the diffuser). My #1 tea scent that I’ve been rocking lately is Alkemia’s Madam Pearl, which is a stunning blend that contains white tea. Neither Hyrule Castle nor Crowley can compete with Madam Pearl. I’m hoping to have success with The Noir, Hex’s soli black tea note. We shall see!

  3. I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t get tea!! This straight up smells like orangey, floury, tea cakes maybe.. but not tea. I love it freshly applied, a little orange treat ‘oooh how delicious’ dry and on clothing it smells like I attempted to carpet clean my dogs accident with orange cleaner. Something went rancid along the way. Damn it I NEED to stop buying perfumes for the name -.- I almost got taken for Hoggle too 🤗🪓

  4. This is the best recognizable tea smell I’ve ever encountered! (Southern Hospitali-tea discluded for being totally fruit-forward). But here’s me liking another tea scent. It’s crazy day… I like the concept of tea scents, but I’ve never had much luck with wearing them. This legit captures the smell of brewed Earl Grey… without the heat? Sounds like a very interesting iced tea option to me. It’s had an orange wedge squeezed into it and a single sugar cube dissolved. There’s a shortbread biscuit on a plate nearby. I can see this making a great body oil for warmer months. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I like! It gets a little sweeter with wear, but I’m impressed by how the orange and tea notes stay put despite that. It’s smelling more like an orange teacake is in front of me now, with the tea being pushed aside. The greatest part of that tea note, though, is this never gets too rich or sweet. It’s so tempered. It’s calm, steady, and soothing… and delicious at the same time. I’m incredibly impressed! I think this one is more of a cooler-weather, rainy day tea scent for me while SH is perfect for searing heat. I’m starting to understand why Caroline is known for her tea notes!

  5. Very nice, calming, not sugary. The almond-orange tea cake note is more along the lines of a scone, more floury with a slight sweetness than buttery or rich. I do get a tea note in the background, but mostly the freshness of the bergamot and the orange do nice things to the almond biscuit notes. For a person who isn’t enticed by many foody gourmands I’ve been craving this one quite a bit. It’s comforting and easy to wear and I actually really like that it has a soft sillage, but the orange and bergamot are always there alongside the scones to perk me up. Hyrule Castle is totally different from any scent I’ve enjoyed this much in the past.

  6. I put it on and it immediately smells like cake. Sweet baked goods with a tinge of citrus. After a while, you start smelling light earl gray tea in the background. It’s a sweet perfume but I enjoy wearing it and smelling like a bakery.

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