Kakariko Village

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Spun sugar, lemon curd, jackfruit, apricot, papaya, vanilla.

2 thoughts on “Kakariko Village”

  1. Initially, the lemon curd is fresh and incredibly realistic. It’s so good. There is also something else that comes out after an hour or so – Is it jackfruit or another fruit? I don’t know. The last time I experienced jackfruit, it was covered in barbecue sauce and pretending to be meat (not that I mind that – while I don’t like it, I do appreciate it). Whatever the fruit is, it’s perfectly juicy and mouthwatering. It smells like candy. After seven and a half hours, it has turned into a very soft creamy vanilla with a hint of nondescript fruit.

  2. This one wasn’t on my radar until someone mentioned it as a great layering note. I’ve been curious ever since. At first, it’s all bright lemon, with a tropical twist. It’s really fun! The sweetness is secondary and complementary. As it wears, it becomes distinct cotton candy. There’s still fruit cocktail lingering, but it’s reading clear “spun sugar” now. Lemon-flavored though. Those two notes really work together too. Cotton candy can become cloying; lemon can become astringent. Combined, they bring out the best in the other. I like it. It’s a unique, well-paired fruity scent. I think this falls into the category of warmer weather change-up for me. I still like rocking my deep, dark, resiny scents year-round, but I do like novelty occasionally too. This fills that desire nicely. I’m thinking a nice vanilla/ cookie/ cake base will amp it up to delightful foodie levels. It would probably also bring something refreshing to a darker blend. I can’t see myself needing more than this dram I snagged in a swap though. On the other hand, it is one of the better cotton candy scents I’ve tried. It gets high marks for that category, for sure.

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