Killer Queen

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, white musk, lavender.

7 thoughts on “Killer Queen”

  1. I don’t know why or how, but on my skin this smells like VS Amber Romance! It transports right back to when I wore that scent all the time (many years ago). Is my nose broken? I don’t think they share any of the same notes. Bizarre!

  2. A gorgeous herbal lavender with a base of cream and warm sugar. It’s smooth, relaxing and incredibly pleasant. Not too sharp and not too sweet. One of my favourites

  3. Killer Queen is one of my favorite scents in a very large and diverse perfume collection. When I first began exploring Hexennacht, I was immediately drawn to the list of notes: sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, white musk, lavender–deliciously alluring, right? It wasn’t until my best friend mentioned she was running out of a favorite lavender and vanilla perfume from another line, though, that I decided to order it. I love to treat her to indie perfumes, as possible, and the soothing combination of lavender and vanilla had become her daily go-to for pleasure as well as stress reduction. When I ordered her a bottle of Killer Queen, I was unsure how it would measure up to her previous favorite. Well, not only does she adore it, she quickly replaced her signature scent (even though she wasn’t out yet) with Killer Queen. She finds it so “beautifully refined,” she said, it couldn’t possibly be topped. After I smelled it on her, I ordered a bottle, for myself, that same night. We both agree with another review which compares Killer Queen to an expensive European French lavender body cream. Yes, this–but with an added dose of otherworldly magic. If you are looking for a gorgeous lavender scent, it’s certainly one to strongly consider. I’d add, it’s also attracted some lovely compliments.

  4. Holy lavender… that’s all I can smell for a few seconds. It’s spot-on, but I’ve outgrown this smell at some point so my initial reaction is negative. I think I overloaded on it in my youth and just don’t like smelling like it any more. There’s a cool, liquid sweetness that appears when the lavender calms down and a pleasant secondary floral. I next start to detect that dreadful burning plastic note that I’ve associated with milk notes. I got that from the coconut milk in De Falsis Deis, so I’m not entirely surprised here. It is muted in this one though, and short-lived, so that’s a relief. I get trickles of sweet coconut as it fades out, which also isn’t my favorite note. The dry down is amorphous, sweet floral/ herbal, getting sweeter and sweeter as it goes. It never gets cloying or anything, just unmistakable sugarcane… melded with lavender in a lesser amount… is sugared lavender a thing? I see it being akin to Morphine now, maybe good for bedtime. I prefer the chamomile to temper the lavender and the amber base in Morphine if I’m going to choose one or the other though. This one is more of a straight-forward sweet lavender. It’s never going to be a favorite, but it’s perfectly nice. I can see why some people rave. It’s simply not my style.

  5. Do you know the smell when you sniff a bag of sugar? It’s sweet, but kinda dry and it’s not decadent like a dessert. Picture that bag-of-sugar scent, and add a dose of lavender. Lavender is definitely the primary note, and while this gives off a dry feeling it’s still slightly sweetened which takes the edge off the sharp lavender. A slight note of creamy coconut comes out after a while, but the lavender is still the star. This is a lovely sleep scent.

  6. One of my favorite scents offered. The lavender is a beautiful french herbal scent combined with a sweet cream like back scent. This scent is very very relaxing to me.

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