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  1. After trying Santal and Santal Vanille with so so results I was expecting the same of Leopardite with the addition of a leather note. My skin chemistry with leather and suede notes is very finicky. Usually I end up amping them. The chamois accord is behaving in the background and never becomes assertive. I’m amping that miel blanc and my skin smells like spiced honey. Twenty minutes later I get a quick flash of the cardamom before the unlit tobacco leaf takes center stage. The end result of this on me is a spiced honey tobacco scent with a vanilla-coconut aroma lurking in the background. The tobacco in this is giving me vibes of my beloved Papa Legba aka Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe. I like Leopardite when I was sure I wouldn’t but, I can’t see getting a FS of this perfume oil when I have so many similar ones in my collection. When I deplete some of my tobacco forward oils then I’ll probably replace them with this. Right now I’m set. I really enjoyed the miel blanc (honey) in Leopardite. It’s very true to life and never goes powdery as many honey notes can. When the need arises for a good spiced honeyed tobacco, I’ll be back. If you have issues with leather/suede notes then I think Leopardite is a good one to try out. The chamois accord is very subdued by the rest of the notes.

  2. In the bottle, this is all about that sandalwood! I’m immediately drawn into it, wanting to trace the other notes nestled behind. I slathered it all over my arms on the way out the door to work and was struck within about 20 minutes by how strong the scent was. That’s not a bad thing, but I expected it to be cuddly and warm based on initial reviews; it’s striking me as thick and sultry instead. It’s a little too much for my work tastes, so the test run is a minor failure. Oops… The leather note becomes majorly apparent as the scent blooms on my skin (I’m nervous now). It does sort of meld with the various woods though, which is a plus. I like what the saffron is doing here, because it feels earthy without being dank or dirty. It’s refined dirty, if you will, very deliberate. Totally up my alley. I can just barely catch some of the cardamom, which I adore, and I desperately want more of it here. The blend gains such intensity on me that I find myself trying to judiciously apply it when I try to give it another chance, and that is hard. The blend can be heavy and thick, like a cloak. The leather smacks me in the face without warning, and I end up trying to wash some of it off. I de-stashed my roll-on. I still appreciate it, but it didn’t quite fit. I also amp certain leathers it seems, and this chamois accord must be one of them. I love the smell of leather, but it typically needs to be a small counterpoint component to work on me. Damn you, skin chemistry! This one had so much promise, and I’m truly disappointed.

  3. This is so comforting. I’m mostly getting a warm and cozy sandalwood with a bit of vanilla sweetness. The equivalent of a warm blanket

  4. This is one of my favorites, it’s so refreshing & comforting.. I definitely pick up the sandalwood & vanilla husk, and a sweet melody of honey. I love the extrait and applying to my clothes, it lasts all day. I can safely wear this perfume, and not be overwhelmed. It’s not overly sweet, not is it a slap of vanilla cupcakes either. It’s unisex and delicious.

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