Previously named Lolita

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Spun sugar and clove. This is quite heavy on the spun sugar, with juuuuust enough clove to give it a more grown-up ‘kick’.

2 thoughts on “Cloven”

  1. Oh man! That clove is killer! It hits me like a freight train and my eyes are rolling back involuntarily. The cotton candy seems like the same tropical fruit variety that my nose picked up in Kakariko Village and combined with the devilishly flirty clove, I’m delighted. It’s a beautiful balance between sweet and sexy. I could wear it alone or layered. It would probably be a perfect body oil, to build wild new scent profiles from. It’s so simple, but also nuanced. It’s yet another that checks the box of “want, but don’t immediately need” though. I’m going to have a hell of a time completing my Hex collection! Too damn many of them work for me… which is just a terrible problem to have, right? I’m going to own this at some point though. The dry down starts leaning into the cotton candy, which makes me miss the clove a bit. Then it reins itself back and they settle into 50/50, softly fading for hours. I’m sold.

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