Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: silver amber, fur, lunar musk.

19 thoughts on “Loup-Garou”

  1. I found this to be a serviceable but uninteresting white amber. I would suggest Pulp’s Portrait of Josette over this, for a white amber that has a lot of nuance and character.

  2. A clean, sweet musk that’s both creamy and furry. It seems safe and a bit boring at first, like something that would be appropriate to wear if you worked in close quarters with many people or in a medical setting. But musk is one of my favorite notes and I find myself frequently sniffing my wrists.

  3. Clean yes, but a bit boring – the NOT Loup-Garou has more character. Maybe as a generic scent it’s ok, but I prefer other clean musk scents from Hexennacht.

  4. This is a crowd pleaser! My sister, mother, and coworker all loved it. They say they get a clean sweet musk and earthiness that I suppose is the fur (“if fur smelled like that I’d have an animal,” said the coworker). Unfortunately on me I get an overwhelming honeydew melon scent. It’s not unpleasant, it’s just dominating.

  5. I don’t get any musk from this whatsoever. I get a single white amber note and that’s it. Ir’s fine, if you like amber. It definitely does not deliver on the scent description. I had my husband smell this on my wrist and he said it reminded him of mall store body spray. To me, just smells like plain, sweet amber, which I do not like. Was really hoping for a comforting musk smell and this is not it. Wore it a full day and slept in it, and got maybe the tiniest hint of musk when I woke up, but it was still mostly amber.

  6. On my skin this smells like a slightly sweet, clean fuzzy musk. It’s pleasant but nothing special to my nose. I tend to like my scents a bit more…complicated. This is giving me mainstream perfume vibes but I can’t think of what specific scent it reminds me of. I’ve read that this is supposed to be the sister scent to Le Chat Noir. Not sure if that’s true. Out of the two, I prefer LCN. I just think the scent has more character. With LG, I’m finding myself looking to layer other scents on top of LG. I just find it kind of meh on it’s own. Again, it’s not bad but it’s just not doing it for me either. I would call this one “office friendly” for sure. This is another one that sticks close to the skin. It has a pretty decent longevity though. I can still smell this on me after 10 hours. It’s one of those scents that endures and smells the same from initial application until fading away…which hasn’t happened yet.

  7. Smells sweet, silvery, and cool. Surprisingly strong throw and longevity, but I don’t think this is a “your-skin-but-better” perfume, it’s way too sweet for that. There’s definitely a fuzzy “fur” quality to it too, but it’s more subtle and rounds out the sweetness.

  8. Both in the bottle and freshly applied I thought this was way too sweet for me. After settling, though, it seems to have chilled out a bit on the sweetness and I’m noticing both a fuzzy quality and something that smells almost a little herbal. It still smells mostly like vanilla to my nose, though.

    Personally, the way this smells to me falls into the same category as Alkemia’s Ghost Fire, NAVA’s Eternal Ankh, and Hexennacht’s Le Chat Noir– just sort of ambiguously sweet and syrupy and flat.

  9. I LOVE this perfume. It almost have the same vibe as leoparadite, the way it melds with your skin and creates your own magical scent. I feel like it smells different every time, either that cold crisp amber pops out to say hello, or at times it smells like the best vanilla I’ve ever in countered.. (not gourmand) every time I wear this my husband will keep smelling me. It’s the best, and I recommend this to everyone. I don’t find it too light, and it lasts all day!!

  10. I’ve now had this scent for about a year and I still wear it often. When I got it, it filled me with delight because it’s got the gentleness of a wolf/dog touching noses with you. It’s a very neutral skin scent. Kind of salty, a little sweet. I really recommend it because it’s so nice and calming.

  11. Opens with a gourmand-leaning amber accord similar to Alkemia Ghost Fire, before settling into something musky and a little dirty like SS White Fox; this type of fur accord tends to read a little sour to me, but not in an unpleasant way. A very faint, fuzzy scent; most musks grow stronger with wear, but this one retreats further into the background instead.

  12. I love this scent. I’m not sure what I’m smelling, but to me it’s very serene – like I’m in the middle of nature.

  13. I was really looking forward to getting to try this after seeing a lot of raves. I can’t say I have any complaints, but I’m also a bit…disappointed? This is definitely a “clean” type scent that I struggle to classify as a musk or even a skin musk. It smells like the aftermath of washing up with Ivory soap. It’s extremely subtle and pleasant, but I can’t actually picture wearing it when I can’t really smell it? Worth it for the curious, debately worth it for people who want “my skin but better”, and not worth it at all if you want a scent that someone next to you will actually notice.

  14. To me, this is a musk for people who don’t think they like musk. There’s definitely musk in there, but it’s blended with equal parts amber (a light amber kinda like Alkemia’s Ghostfire), so the effect is more sultry and, for me, much easier to wear than many other musks which are sometimes too animalic or too soapy. I’ll enjoy wearing this as it’s my most wearable musk, but it’s not the end-all scent for me that many of the brand’s fans claim it to be. Having said that, it’s very easy to wear, and I definitely understand the “my skin but better” comments. It’s the kind of scent you can forget you’re wearing but all the while it’s having a relaxing and pleasant effect.

  15. This is so light, and so pretty, my god. I don’t know how much of the fur I really detect (update: I can smell it a lil better in my hair), but the amber and musk are definitely noticible and make a really beautiful concoction in this. Your skin but better is SUPER accurate. It’s extremely clean, but not at all soapy, and that white amber is just beautiful. Sweet and a little bit ozonic. I’ve said several times that if I could just bathe myself in this I would – and then Hexennacht re-released their body oils in all available scents, so, I guess i’m actually gonna do that now. This is what a moon goddess smells like, light and ethereal and ever-present but not overwhelming.

    This lasts for a good handful of hours, maybe 4-5, and has a sillage of a few inches – not directly on the skin, but it doesn’t go too far from it.

  16. This is the most perfect “my skin but better” scent I’ve come across. It’s absolutely lovely, without being overwhelming.

  17. Okay, I knew I was taking a risk here. I bought this because I had to know what all the fuss was about. In the bottle, it strikes me as… boring. It doesn’t smell bad by any means. It’s pleasant. It smells like clean skin, like I smell when I’m freshly dried off after a shower and haven’t applied any scents yet. I put it on and I like it a little more… it still smells like clean skin, amped and improved… but I could not be wearing any perfume at all. A perfume interpretation of skin? I find that somewhat unsettling. I can kind of see why people say it smells like a dog or cat because of the “skin musk”. I don’t think this is for me because of its subtlety. I am glad I tried it though!

  18. this is so… strange to me? it smells good, don’t get me wrong, but i never knew i could actually find a perfume that is the scent equivalent of burying your face into a wolf’s fur. i’ve never even done that, but for some reason this perfume evokes that SO much. color-wise, i would definitely say this is a “silver” type of scent – if i had to associate it with a color. wearable, subtle, and alluring.

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