Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: marshmallow, buttercream, candy cane.

3 thoughts on “Mallowmint”

  1. Right off the bat, I’m into this. It’s like Twisted Peppermint from B&BW, but much better blended so there’s nothing harsh or cloying turning me off. It doesn’t smell manufactured. I LOVE the smell of peppermint above all other mints but haven’t ever been wowed by a perfume featuring it. This one is just lovely. I guess the “candy cane” note is the one for me. The buttercream base elevates this blend to mint gourmand decadence and smudges the edges beautifully in layering with all my other beloved foodies. I’ve becomes particularly fond of pairing it with Basic Bitch and/ or Swiss Miss (RIP) for winter beverage perfection. I’m super happy I added this to my collection during the holidays because I reached for it often. I initially wondered how much use I’d get as the seasons changed, but I’ve yet to find a layer that didn’t work. I’m just beside myself with happiness on this one. It’s so simple, but incredibly versatile. I love it. I will add the caveat that I don’t wear it alone; It’s a bit too simple by itself for my tastes. It’s so good at adding dimension to other things though that I still highly recommend!

  2. OMG! This is amazing for winter time! If you’ve ever wanted to smell like a better version of Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint than this is for you! It’s crisp and cuddly all at once, the scent starts out heavily peppermint and then mellows into the marshmallow. It’s wonderful and I highly recommend!

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