Maplemallow Doughnut

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Fresh doughnuts, topped with sticky maple frosting, and tooth-achingly sweet marshmallow fluff.

4 thoughts on “Maplemallow Doughnut”

  1. Sadly this one didn’t work out with my skin chemistry. In the vial it smelled promising but, once I put this oil on my skin it produced a coconut like plastic smell that amped on me. I get that rank smell as the dominant note with a bit of maple in the background. No hint of donut or marshmallow at all. Even though it’s not listed, I’m wondering if coconut is in this blend.

    1. Today I was around family who kept on saying they smelled maple. I had forgot I had this perfume oil on until their comments. I said maybe it’s me? Sure enough, they gave me the sniff test and said I smelled of maple syrup. So maybe it’s my nose that’s the problem and not my skin chemistry. Now I’m wondering if I can’t smell certain notes because at this point I couldn’t smell any scent on my skin yet my family did. I just don’t know!

  2. You can smell all of the elements here. It starts off as a sweet, sticky maple with equal amounts of creamy fluff from the marshmallow. After 30 minutes, the hot, fresh doughnut appears alongside. I smell varying amounts of marshmallow when I continue sniffing, but the doughnut and rich maple frosting are present the entire time. I like this a lot – It’s an autumn gourmand that is interesting enough to wear alone but would also layer well.

  3. This is a super smooth, sweet bakery scent. It’s not sickly-sweet. It’s not overwhelming. It’s realistic. I can just barely pick out the fried dough topped with maple icing. It does smell somewhat like the maple doughnut I’m obsessed with from Dunkin, which is exactly what I hoped. I was a little worried my expectations would ruin it for me! That’s not the case here at all. I don’t smell marshmallow distinctly, but my experiences with that note from this house have shown me that it’s low and slow (and long-lasting!), so I’m not surprised by that. As I expected, it becomes more and more apparent as the doughnut and maple frosting parts recede. It’s lowkey enough to be the sweet layer underneath other perfumes, but I would wear it alone too. I’m pleasantly surprised by this one. It lives up to (and surpasses) my own hype. Solid.

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