Middle Earth

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: A golden mix of vanilla, chocolate, amber, nag champa, dark patchouli.

5 thoughts on “Middle Earth”

  1. Well hello! Champa chocolate licious patchouli melty swoony best hippie dippy chocolate friend. Legit delicious, gourmand meets sexy witch. Yellow!
    Melds beautifully with wear as well.

  2. Oh, such a gem! First time I tried it on it lasted on my hoodie for several days. This fragrance has a camphorous dimension to it, guess it’s the patchouli. You get a cold, earthy and what some wold say – minty vibe to it. But, however- it’s not minty in a typical kind of minty way, but it has that cold dimension just as mint. The nagchampa is strong in the beginning but fades out after some time. The chocolate is there from the beginning to the drydown. I think this is a very earthy fragrance with the right amount of coldness and sweetness. It is not a full gourmand and it wears for many hours on the skin and it has a great throw. I bought a large amount of Hexennacht samples from Ajevies and many of them was gourmand perfumes. Unfortunately I didn’t like any of the gourmands, except 1(though I am a gourmand lover). My favorites so far from this brand are: Morningstar (awesome amber), Dark sided (great chokolate gourmand), Baltic amber, Norman Loves Mother and Middle Earth. Since I tested so many gourmands I get the feeling this brand top fragrances are the atmospheric and spicy ones, as these ones have made the most impression on me. Next time, I’ll order a bunch of these instead.//

  3. This perfume oil reminds me a bit of Possets Howl or an old Alkemia Experiment with chocolate and amber in the notes although I don’t recall the number or the year. Out of all three I prefer Howl. I feel like my Middle Earth beeds some resting time as the patchouli is kind of screechy and astringent. In turn, that makes me feel like it’s not meshing with my skin the right way. I believe that resting this oil will fix that problem up. On my skin, this comes across as a chocolate patchouli scent. I can’t really smell much else due to the aggressive patchouli. Credit where credit is due, this stuff has some major longevity on me so points for that! I’m a fan of what patchouli can do to chocolate in a perfume oil.

  4. A warm bled of rich chocolate, patchouli and nag champa. If you’re a fan of non-linear cozy chocolate scents, Middle Earth is lovely.

  5. Chocolate champa?! CHOCOLATE CHAMPA!!! I’m prepared to adore the crap out of this. It’s “me in a bottle” in the bottle (excitement makes me redundant). I put it on and oh, wait… It’s chocolate-patch champa! The patchouli blooms to life on my skin. It’s deep and dark and sexy and amazing… with gooey, fudgy, dark chocolate dripping through it, and heady nag champa filling in the gaps. This is witchy decadence, regal patchouli kissed by chocolate-y incense. I love it. I want to bathe in it. It smells sweet in the bottle, but it’s not sugary on my skin; It’s deep earthy-sweet. Appropriately named! I’m gushing. I know. I love this one too!

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