Moloko Plus

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Steamed milk, sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, and rice milk, infused with lavender simple syrup, coconut crème, and green cardamom poddiwods.

7 thoughts on “Moloko Plus”

  1. Totally in the same playing field as ‘S92 most sincerely Dead’ the rice note to me reads as a bread note.. not yeasty in any means. This is a very creamy, milky, warm, lavender peaks out every now and then to calm it. It’s like having a glass of hot lavender tea, and adding coconut milk while biting into a poppy seed muffin. This is rather quite good. It’s making me want to seek out her other lavender scents (which I’m not a fan of) she makes this smell soooo gooood!!

  2. This is my all time favorite sleep scent. It’s lovely and soft, almost buttery but not popcorn-y at all. Very comforting and has amazing sillage and throw, it lasts basically forever and if I put it on at night I can usually still smell it the next morning. I love the scent of all the different milks intermingling with the smell of lavender and cardamom, which keeps it from being overly sweet or sugary. I love it for sleep but it’s a very comforting scent to wear out and about as well, especially for cloudy days.

  3. Strangely, this is reading buttered popcorn to my nose. Maybe a little caramelized hint. It reminds me of the start of Kona Mocha, so sweetened condensed milk seems to be the common culprit. It starts to get the wretched burnt smell I expect after a few minutes. I’ve learned that milk doesn’t work for me and it’s fascinating to smell it develop every time. I think I can safely narrow my skin’s hatred even further to “sweetened condensed milk” specifically. I smell a bit like sickly-sweet burnt plastic right now, backed by something herbal. I’m guessing the “sickly” part is the coconut crème because I get a waft of coconut out of nowhere and I hate it. I had a strong dislike for the same note in a Cocoa Pink perfume. Big nope. The longer it sits, the more tolerable it becomes. The overly rich, buttery feel never leaves, though I am getting a sort of green scent now that’s interesting (poddiwods?). I find this way too sweet overall. That burnt smell is still happily ruining things by hanging out in the background too. The extreme dry down pretty much smells exactly like canned, sweetened condensed milk. That’s not something I want to smell like at all! I guess I’m glad the burning is over… maybe this is an okay relaxation foodie blend for some people, if milk doesn’t go wonky on you. I highly suspected this wasn’t going to work for me though and I was correct.

  4. This isn’t a super sweet scent, but it is comforting. I thought this was going to be sweeter, but it’s more just warm and cozy. I use this as my bedtime scent

  5. This smells very different when applied to different spots on me. On my wrists it was creamy cardamom, but in the crook of my elbow the lavender simple syrup was almost all I could smell. The overall effect was very cozy and comforting. I’ve been looking for a sleep scent for awhile, and this could be the one!

  6. I love this one, I always apply it liberally before bed to be enveloped in a soft cozy smell of milk. It’s a sweet, mild, extremely cozy smell. I get whifs of it in the morning, still on my wrist.

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