Bourbon Street

previously named Myrtles Plantation

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Coffee, beignets, mahogany, pipe tobacco, cocoa, cardamom.

5 thoughts on “Bourbon Street”

  1. On my skin this is Papa Legba aka Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe with the additional note of coffee. It’s good but the coffee note is the first to disappear. Since I already have PL, I don’t need this one too.

  2. Delicious, dark-roasted coffee… but not sweetened to death! I’m immediately impressed because it’s different from the other coffee perfumes I’ve tried, and I appreciate that. The mahogany is a great match for it, as both notes are strong and assertive. It has the same smell on application, but with some ephemeral baked goods and tobacco popping up in the background. I’m having coffee at someone’s posh grandparents’ house maybe. I like it a lot with those supporting notes coming through. I wish they hung around longer. They dissipate quickly, leaving just rich, woody coffee. After a couple test runs, I’ve decided it isn’t a favorite. I like it, and love that the coffee is used in this way, but the blended part I love the most about it is fleeting on my skin.

  3. I absolutely love this scent, but for some damn reason, on me this only lasts about 2 hours, and I could cry because it’s just so perfect. It’s a real, true rich coffee scent (not vanilla, milky or sugary coffee like so many fragrances that claim coffee notes), and alongside that, there’s this slight, almost savory browned/fried dough note (beignets), and the woody depth and sweetness of the tobacco, mahogany and cocoa. For me this is not a chocolatey scent at all, so don’t let the cocoa deceive you; instead it adds a dry, woody, savory note that really complements the wood, tobacco and strong coffee. I am so in love with this scent, it’s everything I ever wanted in a coffee perfume; my only complaint is that I can’t get it to last at all.

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