Nanette’s Wizardry

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: chai, sugared cardamom, vanilla buttercream.

3 thoughts on “Nanette’s Wizardry”

  1. I definitely smell the chai and cardamom blend – You can tell it’s not just one or the other. There is a buttery, fluffy aspect to it, which I imagine is the buttercream, and the sugar is crunchy and noticeable alongside the cardamom. This has a really nice blend of being sweet and spicy. It’s a very pretty gourmand smell.

  2. On me this a very strong, sweet, spiced gourmand. It’s very spice forward at first, and honestly smells so delectable that I get hungry every time I wear it! It reminds me of a chai-spiced cake with thick, creamy vanilla buttercream. The sugared cardamom is on point!

  3. This smells like a piping-hot cup of chai, ever-so-slightly sweetened. It’s heavy on the spices initially, but it transitions from that yummy, potent chai blend through a sort of refined sugared cardamom to whispery smooth buttercream, and the entire journey is breathtaking. I’m floored by how the chai is captured. It’s like a foodie atmospheric. Is that a thing? It is now. The sugared cardamom middle reminds me of the note I enjoyed in Norman Loves Mother (without the wood I didn’t need). The buttercream is also impressive in that it doesn’t feel heavy or overly sweet. I was pretty convinced it was the marshmallow note I love so much from Hex for a minute. It’s got a transparent quality that lets my skin breathe through. Even in perfume oil format, I can smell this on me often throughout the day. I’m rather impressed. I think I chose well (I was deliberating for a while between this and Chai-mallow, which I will also try eventually… for science!). This is gorgeous. It’s quite comforting too. Sniffing it seems to ground me, which is neat. I became fond of dabbing it on my wrists before bed so I could smell it while I drifted off to sleep. Winner! I upgraded this to a body oil and have zero regrets. I still love it at bedtime, but it also works surprisingly well as a daily base layer. I use it on my upper arms, elbows, and shoulders plus some on my legs and then apply perfume normally (pulse points – all around wrists, inner elbow, throat, behind ears, décolletage) and I’ve yet to find a single thing that doesn’t blend, from any perfume house. This is a forever scent for me.

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