Norman Loves Mother

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Earthy cardamom, rich vanilla, deep dark patchouli, and dry, woody notes of an old teakwood rocking chair.

8 thoughts on “Norman Loves Mother”

  1. Plenty of spice and dark patchouli, not getting any vanilla or wood. Leans masculine but very wearable for women still.

  2. I loved the smell of this in the vial. On my skin, there was this spicy note developing which I’m guessing is the cardamon? Cardamon and I have a love/hate relationship. I’m not sure if there are different kinds, I’ve heard of green cardamon and just plain cardamon but, I really don’t know. I tend to amp the note and it can become very aggressive and almost astringent on me if it’s not balanced out by other notes. I totally agree with others comments about smelling the clove in this. Could it be the cardamon and the teak wood mixing? I get the vanilla and patchouli in the beginning but those two notes fade out and the spice emerges. I wonder how this would smell on a man? This one is definitely unisex to me but I believe in wearing whatever scent tickles your fancy no matter your sex. It’s almost like mulling spices or some kind of sharp tea note in the background rather than the cardamon scents that I’ve tried in the past. Sometimes I think I can even smell a marigold note! I don’t know if I could pick out the individual notes if I didn’t have a scent description to go by from Ajevie. Perhaps I’ll let the oil rest and form my opinion at a later date. As of now…I really don’t know how I feel about this particular oil. It definitely has great potential for layering with other scents that I own. It’s been a good 8 hours and this is still going strong on me. I’m impressed, especially since I’ve been on a cleaning jag all day and working up a sweat. Really pleased that this is holding up on my scent eating skin.

  3. I get a lot of clove, which isn’t in the notes. Maybe cardamom? This and gold Skulltula are related. This is so impossibly warm and cozy, southern gothic fall. Spicy, warm, woody.

  4. Earthy, woody, dark, unisex, and lightly sweet. Earthy clove, smooth patchouli, woody notes, and the tiniest hint of non-gourmand vanilla.

    Why am I getting clove instead of cardamom? I don’t know, but it’s wonderful regardless. I seem to smell more than one type of wood, but teakwood is definitely in there somewhere. There’s not a lot of vanilla in this… really just enough to round out the other notes. I had hoped for more vanilla personally, but surprisingly I still really like this. The clove (or cardamom… whatever it is that I’m actually smelling) is very earthy (as opposed to spicy) and the patchouli is very smooth, almost creamy in a way. Like wandering through an exotic antique shop… minus the dust.

    Like and recommend to anyone who enjoys woody or earthy scents.

  5. Sweet and spicy and mildy woody. I think it’s a very wearable unisex scent perfect for colder weather. It does go slightly too-sweet for me so you have to be careful with it. I don’t pick up patchouli or any headshop vibes from it.

  6. I got this in my first order because it was such a massive favorite of her customers. Like many people I have hot and cold feelings about patchouli, but this is probably the most wearable patchouli I’ve tried. Scents like this one are where Caroline’s skill for blending makes all the difference. The cardamom and patchouli are like linked at the arms and marching behind them are the vanilla and a fresh/dry wood note. But honestly, it’s pretty seemless, I’ve found that cardamom can be tricky and is not always appealing, but this is a cardamom that doesn’t come across as just “SPICE!”. I think the vanilla helps to soften the cardamom and patchouli, and though you can definitely detect the vanilla, I wouldn’t call this a vanilla-centric scent. If you’re curious about a patchouli that might NOT smell like the aging hippies in your life I recommend this one.

  7. My bottle impression is strong, aged wood and not much else… but I sniffed this one last, so I decided to give it a day to try it without nose overload. Upon revisiting, I do get some patchouli and a spicy undertone to the wood that’s intriguing. On my skin, I see why people are raving about the cardamom! It’s all I can smell! It is well-done, but I want more depth to my fragrance. I enjoy the cardamom more in Dark Sided! because it’s part of a great blend, whereas this becomes one-dimensional. It might work for layering purposes, but it doesn’t stand on its own for me.

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