Overlook Hotel

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: white spruce, sugared vanilla, buttermint candies.

2 thoughts on “Overlook Hotel”

  1. There’s a moment in the bottle that I think I might be able to hang with this one. The sugared vanilla comes through all crisp and bright with sweetness. I’m hopeful. When it first hits my skin, I breathe that in, and I quite like it. The refreshing mint combined with that is delightful. Then on comes the spruce. Now I’m a minty Christmas tree. It’s not offensive or astringent, so there’s that. It’s just very “winter holiday party with a giant bushy tree in the center of the room” now. I think the mint keeps it fresh and doesn’t quite let it go floor cleaner, so that’s a good pairing. I totally expected not to like this, and I don’t. The foodie parts are great though! The dry down eases more and more into sweet peppermint. It’s nice. I gave this a shot in the name of catalog completeness so I can check it off the list. I can say that spruce is infinitely better than pine for Christmas tree vibes. I just don’t want to smell like this type of tree. Ever. Very easy pass. If you like smelling like a Christmas tree, go all in. You won’t be disappointed. If you are like me and you enjoy the minty vanilla aspect specifically, go with Mallowmint, all day.

  2. This is unusual – Ignore the drydown. Very evergreen with sweet mint. Totally changes but it very nice once it dries.

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