Raspberry Rosemallow

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: marshmallow, buttercream, raspberry-rose compote.

5 thoughts on “Raspberry Rosemallow”

  1. Raspberry Turkish delight vibes. I don’t get anything creamy from this on my skin, just candied rose and raspberries.

  2. Sweet, tart, floral, and fruity. Red rose, sugared raspberry, citric acid, and a hint of marshmallow (and I do mean a hint… it’s just barely enough to soften the other notes slightly).

    The red rose seems unusually smoky (not sure how I feel about it) and the raspberry is sweet and sugary, almost to the point of being syrupy. Going by the notes, I really thought this would be one of my favorites. However, I wasn’t expecting citric acid to appear (which makes some sense I suppose… you might add citric acid to a compote to give it a little zing without making it runny). The note is far too strong though and I don’t think it works. Seems discordant. Also, I was really hoping for a lot more marshmallow.

    Not for me. Based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. However, I don’t think most people smell the citric acid because I’ve never even seen it mentioned before. I believe that if that note were to disappear, this might be okay.

  3. I’m not a fan of this in the bottle. It’s a super-sweet raspberry candy or jam. The rose undertone is not helping. Candied roses (?). I’m not typically a rose fan, but I went for this one because it’s been touted as “a rose scent for people who don’t like rose scents” and I have had a couple indies surprise me with rose blends before. I still very much smell ROSE here though… What’s really strange is I don’t get marshmallow, even though it’s so sweet. There’s no softness or airiness. If the note said sugarcane instead, I’d believe it. Maybe even cotton candy. It smells about the same on my skin, softening just a tiny bit. This one’s just not jiving with me. The extreme dry down takes on a bit of a crisp raspberry cookie smell… Oh! It smells very much like a Bath & Body Works candle that came out a couple years ago as part of a limited Spring set – Raspberry Peach Macaron. I kinda like this part. There’s no discernible rose. If it smelled like this from beginning to end, I could wear it, albeit occasionally. Raspberry-cookie-mallow…? Ultimately, I don’t think it’s worth the wait to get to the end stage I like. Pass.

  4. Smells predominantly of rose, with a notable amount of raspberry. The marshmallow more rounds out the scent and makes it pillowy, as opposed to being a distinct note. The throw and longevity are weak, but it’s a lovely scent.

  5. Really nice and pleasant scent. The raspberry is deepened by the rose, making it less candy-like and one-dimensional. I’m not usually a big fan of rose, but here it goes perfectly with the raspberry.

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