Rose Red

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Roses, rich, green PNW forest greenery.

2 thoughts on “Rose Red”

  1. As a self-proclaimed hater of everything floral, I’m surprised to say I’m not hating this at all. In fact, I like it! I would say the greenery outweighs the rose quite a bit. It’s a very realistic replication of the smell of standing by the rose bushes that used to grow in my front yard as a child, not close enough to huff the flowers individually. The stemmy freshness is the focus. It’s so much more a fresh, outdoorsy scent than it is a floral. There’s no old stuffiness and no allergy triggering. I immediately want to use this for layering. The possibilities are intriguing. I just need to see how assertive it is against other things. Towards the end of wear, this smells like soap. I don’t want to say “soapy” because I think that carries different connotations for people. It smells very much like the unscented Dove bodywash to me… It’s not a bad smell. It could still be an interesting note to play with, but that’s made me decide it isn’t worth keeping.

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