Spirit Temple

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: vanilla bean pods, Spiritueuse Double Vanille, nag champa incense.

5 thoughts on “Spirit Temple”

  1. This smells like grape hairspray. If you want the champies, go for Crowley by Seance. Much more pleasant and realistic nag champa.

  2. I believe I’m having skin chemistry issues with this perfume oil. On me this smells like vanilla moth balls. The moth ball aroma stays with me for the majority of the wear time. When that note finally dies out I’m left smelling like a my skin but better vanilla scent. It stays very close to me throughout the wear time. I’ve given this three separate tries over a months time with the same result…vanilla moth balls. It’s so strange! What is causing this?

  3. Very sweet, rich, creamy, and warm. Sandalwood-heavy nag champa, benzoin, vanilla bean, and a hint of smoke.

    The vanilla bean is very rich and gourmand. Out of Chakra Khan, Champanilla, and Gold Skulltula, this is the sweetest, richest, and most vanilla-heavy. The nag champa is still very present, but definitely takes a back seat to the benzoin and vanilla bean. Like patronizing a bakery owned by a Buddhist monk.

    Love and recommend to anyone who enjoys rich vanilla.

  4. I’m surprised by how soft and sweet this is. I tend to think of nag champa as a strong scent since the actual incense box manages to take over any container it’s stored within. This starts as a coy vanilla champa, and the incense note is almost an afterthought. It takes a searing-sweet sugar cookie turn at times, which is wild. I didn’t really expect this to scratch a foodie itch, but here we are. It’s a light, inoffensive, cold vanilla with a dash of mystery. Like the smell of biting into a soft, cooled sugar cookie while nag champa is burning two or three rooms away. The sweetness is slowly overtaken by the incense with wear. The Spiritueuse Double Vanille is doing its brilliant job of smoothing things out, adding complexity without standing out on its own. I really like this. I also think it has a place in my work-appropriate scent category, which is a valuable trait to me. After sampling Champanilla, which has been compared directly a bunch, I’ve decided I like this one even more. It’s… classier. Count another win!

  5. One of my all time favorites. It’s a very warm vanilla with nag champa. A pretty simple scent but very comforting. Definitely a good way to introduce yourself to nag champa.

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