Strange & Unusual

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Lime bubble pop, balsam violet accord, ozone, fresh mountain air, ambergris accord, mimosa accord, pink peppercorn accord, violet leaf absolute, rosewood, ylang ylang.

3 thoughts on “Strange & Unusual”

  1. This is sort of a weird one. When I put it on i get the lime candy really strongly (and it smells EXACTLY like a bubble pop, it makes me smile!) but when it dries down i just get soap, like i just scrubbed myself down with a bar of Ivory. it’s not unpleasant or anything but I can’t really see myself reaching for it. I’m sort of curious if it’s my skin chemistry and I’d get more of the notes if I got it as a hair oil or something?

  2. Wowie. Big blast of lime soda followed by pepper, ozone and beautiful fresh florals. Vibrant and tickles your nose. It’s hard to find “mountain air” accords that really do smell like fresh mountain air but this is one of them. Good shit. The juicy lime note is really similar to the one I loved in Sucreabeille’s “Dr. Fantastic’s Perfect Solution.” I do worry that it could easily turn “carpet cleaner.” It smells just like the Neutrogena “Morning Burst” face wash I used as a teen. Moderate throw and longevity.

  3. At first, this is heavy on the lime. It’s tart and juicy and totally delicious. The sourness is palpable, but it’s got this rich wetness to it that prevents it from being a bad thing. It’s redolent. It smells like I’m cutting limes outside when it’s really humid. By the ocean maybe. Or I’m in a steam room for some reason. Some sort of new cooking challenge show? It’s neat. I like it. As the lime fades away, it basically smells like a dryer sheet. A yummy, fresh dryer sheet that’s got its fragrance in full force, but a dryer sheet nonetheless. I really wish that humid lime hung around longer because that was super interesting. I’m not really into it as a fresh/floral/clean laundry scent. Glad I tried it though. My curiosity had been piqued for a while and I was about ready to break down and buy a full-size. Ajevie to the rescue once again!

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