Stranger Things

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Eggo waffles, chocolate pudding, and upside-down cake.

3 thoughts on “Stranger Things”

  1. This first hits me like Sunday Mourning does, but without the orange. The “Eggo waffle” smells just like the pancake note in that. It’s super yummy! The other notes are hard to pick out. There’s a vague sort of creaminess to it, but it’s not in a milky way. I guess that’s pudding? There’s also a faint hint of chocolate… kind of like cocoa powder maybe. It’s super soft and airy. Maybe I’m about to chow down on a fresh waffle with a thin layer of chocolate pudding spread on top. I can get behind that. About 30 minutes later, I catch a waft of that familiar Eggo smell from my childhood. Pretty dead-on. It’s softly sweet, but a little bit bready, a little bit vanilla, and a little bit cold. I can’t really put my finger on why it feels cold now, but it does, like I just pulled it out of the freezer. I’ve lost the golden, freshly made, warm feeling that I got initially (that I also get from SM). That’s neither good nor bad; it just is. It starts to lean into the cake-y part at the end of wear, so now I’m having a pudding cake for breakfast and I’m all about that life. This never gets tooth-achingly sweet, but it’s very identifiable foodie. I find myself grabbing it when I would otherwise have grabbed SM. It’s like I have an option that’s just as delicious without the orange now, which lends itself well to different layering options and combo adventures. I’m pleased that I got this one in a random swap. It’s got a nice, relaxed transition over the wear and is a happy, unique foodie for my collection. Keeper.

  2. Delicious, delicious waffles, just the way I like them with a little bit of burnt edge in the nooks and crannies. I get a touch of butter, or maybe that’s the chocolate? It’s creamy and delicious. Chocolate is usually a death note for me, but it’s very light. This is all about the waffles. I get a touch of maple? Maybe some cinnamon from the cake? It smells nothing like what I was expecting. It’s way better than what I thought it would smell like. It’s like childhood breakfast and then cleaning up to bake a cake. The smell of waffles still in the air as you make a cinnamon butter topping to put in the bottom of the pan for the upside down cake. And not to mention the longevity! When I wore this it lasted forever. I woke up the next day still smelling waffles and syrup!

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