The Evil Garden

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: prickly holly bushes, blackberry brambles, bamboo sugar cane.

4 thoughts on “The Evil Garden”

  1. So… I have a ridiculous complaint here. I want less green. Which is clearly ridiculous because hello, GARDEN is in the name. And “holly bushes” is the first note listed. I guess I bought too much into all the rave reviews I read about the blackberries. I legit expected this to be fruit-forward. And it is not. It’s green, green, green, with berry. It’s nice. I just know too well that I won’t wear a green-heavy scent. So, I automatically know this one isn’t for me either. Now, being objective, if you like green scents and you want one with a realistic, juicy berry with a touch of clear liquid sweetness? This is gorgeous. It’s very well-done. Get it. Please enjoy it for me! Because I can appreciate how good this is, seriously. But still no for me personally.

  2. Green, fruity, lightly sweet, and cold. Holly, sugared blackberry, and sugar cane. The holly is the strongest note – green and cold, like eucalyptus only not as intense. I like it, but I would prefer it if the blackberry and sugar cane were more prominent.

    If the evil queen from Snow White had a garden, this is how it would smell.

    Like and recommend to lovers of green fruity scents.

  3. A sharp, sweet blackberry. Fairly simple and straightforward. If you like Alkemia’s Blackberry Noir but wish it didn’t have musk, give this a try.

  4. In the bottle and upon first application this is an icy cold berry scent. Like a wind-whipped winter garden in which everything is bare but the blackberries are inexplicably ripe and perfect and fragrant even though it’s the dead of winter. Unfortunately, on me it turns very quickly into Vick’s Vapor Rub and not much else.

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