The Exorcist

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: church incense, copal, and ancient, religious tomes.

7 thoughts on “The Exorcist”

  1. yes, there’s a hint of incense but it isn’t the only note. I do smell the other notes, which are ok. This is a wearable incense scent – as in it won’t offend anyone, unlike other strong and heavy incense frags that suffocate.

  2. I’ve tried a couple different formulations of this fragrance and this one is probably my favorite.

    For me, this is a go-to colder months fragrance. Off the bat, I get that familiar wafting of Catholic mass incense. Plumes of frankincense and myrrh, maybe benzoin and styrax, and the warmth of sweet golden copal really reminds me of my childhood and gives me nostalgic feelings as a kid going to Mass. It wasn’t fun reciting hymens for my First Communion though.

    As it dries down, that heady, fragrant incense notes do not dissipate. Instead they linger, and this scent lasts quite some time on me. Underneath that light, resin sweetness, I get dark whispers of parchment and what smells like to me as a kind of leather note. It isn’t in the forefront, luckily because leather notes can easily dominate a scent for me, but it gives it a depth that I look for in “Church incense” type fragrances.

    Definitely a winner since the first time I tried it!

  3. My first impression of this is head-over-heels, love at first sniff. It’s got the same incense and tomes feel of Hexenhaus (which is one of my faves) but taken in an entirely different direction. It’s cleaner in a way. Yet it’s still meditative and witchy. There’s something magickal drawing me into each sniff. I really, really like it, and I’m convinced I need to upgrade immediately. I tested my sample again the next day however, and my excitement is a bit more reserved. It’s different. I’m getting a distinct greenness to the “incense” that I don’t remember from the first day. It’s almost like… ivy? Is someone burning ivy? And follow-up question: WHY? I’m not big on green scents. I appreciate them, but I know myself and every time I’ve talked myself into a purchase, I don’t reach for them. Now my brain is redoing that comparison with Hexenhaus and that one is winning by a mile. It’s a shame. I got quite excited about this one that first day! I know I’ll pick Hexenhaus before it every time though, so there’s no point for me. Still, it’s got a uniqueness to it that’s intriguing. I could see it being a signature scent for someone very easily. It’s got a little air of sophistication, and it teeters on being subtle and friendly enough for daily wear. I feel the same way about Hexenhaus, but I just like the dirtier quality of the smoke and rosewood in that one way more. Side note: Someone described this as having a cucumber smell and now that I’ve heard that, I can absolutely see it being called that. The green is real!

  4. The Exorcist definitely requires a light application. Strong and heady incense for a solid fifteen minutes. When the incense settles down it’s very atmospheric – the interior of an old Catholic church with plenty of dusty tomes, and a vaguely threatening hint of copal.

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