The Wicker Man

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Forest greenery, damp earth, wicker, smoke.

2 thoughts on “The Wicker Man”

  1. This reminds me of ‘elemental’ summer day, after the sprinkler was on, and you cut grass earlier in the day. It also reminds me of ‘alkemias – roll in the hay’ weird cause I thought the same about ‘Hoggle’ too.

  2. This smells like dry grass on a hot day. Not lawn grass, but the tall yellow grasses out in a field, something wild and exotic. I like the smoke in this too because it does this trick where I feel like it’s in the distance. I’m sniffing the trail of something burning so far away I can’t see it. A bit malevolent. Very interesting. I like it even more on my skin somehow. It’s still a little outside my normal tastes, so I’m hesitant to commit. It’s transporting me to a sweltering summer day walking through the countryside. I can almost hear the crackling of snapped twigs beneath my feet as I wander. This would probably make an excellent addition to my “outdoorsy” scent collection. I don’t have many, but I enthusiastically enjoy the few that work for me. I’m always left without many layering options when I choose to wear them since a lot of what I own has gourmand elements that can throw the whole vibe off. Maybe a body oil? It’s submissive enough that it would be the perfect base for those other perfumes. I’m strongly leaning towards that idea. I really like this. I’m a bit shocked, but there it is.

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