Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Vanilla bean, musks. [NOT a house blend]

1 thought on “Tihota”

  1. This one smells like vanilla extract if you removed the alcoholic component in the bottle. Pure, unadulterated vanilla. I’m not sure if I like it or not. It’s kinda filling me with apathy? It’s just oddly one-dimensional. Same thing on my skin. I’m a little impressed that the translation from bottle to skin is so exact. I don’t get any muskiness whatsoever, but I wonder if that’s what is keeping it so true to my nose. Maybe the musk is melding it with my skin’s smell or something. It smells good, but because vanilla is a note that I’ve gotten to smell so many different takes on, I’m looking for something to make it stand out. If you’re seeking a true vanilla single-note that doesn’t morph, get this. It smells like I split open a vanilla pod and rubbed it on my arm. Smells great if that’s what I was going for. It maintains the same smell on dry down, slowly losing strength. I really like this for what it is, but it’s not grabbing me. Considering how many takes on vanilla there are, I don’t think this one stands out enough for me to want more (this is not a house blend, so that sorta makes sense to me).

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