Vaniglia Liquirizia

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: black licorice, Madagascar vanilla.

4 thoughts on “Vaniglia Liquirizia”

  1. On me this is licorice and vanilla tinged moth balls. It’s obvious to me that this is a personal skin chemistry issue. It was strange but I kept on sniffing myself, lol. It’s not something that I would buy a FS bottle of though. This completely vanished on me after barely 2 hours.

  2. As with Pennywise, this is making me a liar! I apparently can wear licorice. It just must be paired appropriately. The vanilla here is a totally different partner than the cotton candy in Pennywise, much bolder and obvious. It takes center-stage, with only little swirls of licorice changing it up. It’s richly sweet and sumptuous. It never goes overly sugar bomb for me though, letting the dark bitterness of the licorice rein it in. Quite impressive. I would probably buy Pennywise over this since I’m unlikely to buy both at once. I think this might be a better base/ body oil option, while Pennywise stands more on its own for me. VL is excellent though!

  3. Again, this is one I got in the rollerball 10ml size because I thought it would be good for layering with such a simple blend. Liquorice is the main note in my favourite commercial perfume of all time (Lolita Lempicka) and vanilla is always great.

    In the bottle:
    Strong, sharp medicinal liquorice.

    On application:
    This is so strong. Huge throw. I don’t know if this is a thing, but my two rollerballs are crazy strong, maybe it’s just the scents I picked. I don’t love it as much as I assumed I would, sadly. The liquorice is pretty complex though, almost to the point of bitterness? The vanilla is hiding on me. The more I snaff it, the more I can convince myself I like it, but…. Yeah. I’m not even sure it will be good for layering because the liquorice is just so much. The throw on this is incredible. I’m as far away from my own arm as it’s possible to be and it’s still wafting at me.

    (husband: “eurgh!” He literally recoiled, and after a second sniff remarked that it smells like sambuca. He’s dead on, that’s exactly what it smells like.)

    This does last for hours, but it’s… I dunno. Yeah, it gets prettier the longer it’s on, but getting past that initial blast of sharp, medicinal, herby liquorice is rough. I so wanted to love this and add it to everything because I thought I loved liquorice, but… Maybe it will mellow out given some time. I dunno! I just don’t know! It’s just too much man, it’s almost at the point of being nauseating. Sadness.

    (husband much later: “vanilla? Vanillary essence?” Apparently the vanilla finally turned up!)

  4. Exactly what it says on the tin. The licorice is stronger than the vanilla. I think with how simple it is, it would make a good layering scent. Decent lasting power (6 hours)

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