Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Grape bubblegum and lemonade.

Released: The Gobblefunk Collection

3 thoughts on “Whizzpopper”

  1. I really wasn’t expecting to like this one as much as I did. This isn’t the kind of scent that I normally gravitate towards but I wanted something for the warmer months so I’ve been branching out. I agree with Alexis that this starts off heavy on the lemon. This had me worried that it would go towards that dreaded lemon furniture polish smell but the grape bubblegum seems to balance it out pretty well. Personally I wish I got more of the grape but it’s still good. The only downer on this one is it’s longevity, it only lasts a few hours on my skin. And I know this sounds crazy but I swear the smell changes depending on where I apply it…more lemon on the wrists and inner bends of my elbows but much more grape on my neck and cleavage area. What’s up with that? A very unique perfume oil indeed!

  2. I was excited for this because my favorite slush to get at Sonic in the summer is grape and lemon. I was hoping it would be a strong personal scent association. I get WAY too much lemon on application and I’m sadly thinking it’s gonna be a flop. It’s overpowering and a little off-putting, sort of giving me lemon-scented cleaner vibes. It quickly settles down (after about 20 seconds) thankfully, and now I legit smells like the most exquisite, tempting sour candy… SweetTarts or Skittles maybe. Perfectly balanced sweet and tart. It’s literally making my mouth water. It’s wild. I reapplied and I’m still not keen the initial opening, but the dry down is interesting and unique enough that I’m totally willing to deal. I decided to try some layers on a whim. It pairs so damn beautifully with Southern Hospitali-tea. I want this drink right now! It’s ridiculous. It also lends a nice tartness to Opalite, pulling the lemon out of hiding. It makes the fruity aspects last so much longer with Kakariko Village. I’m 100% convinced to keep this now. I like it enough on its own and every single layering venture I’ve embarked on has been a home run. It’s practically a secret weapon! What a rollercoaster… I own nothing like this and I love it.

  3. Wow I love this one. I definitely do get grape, bubblegum, and lemonade notes from this one. When it dries and settles down, it reminds me of grape soda.

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