Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Sassafras root, burdock root, sarsaparilla root, clove, star anise, wintergreen, sweet cream.

5 thoughts on “Wolfsbane”

  1. On me this smells like birch beer. It’s much more complex than your regular root beer smell. The oil makes my skin slightly tingle, this must be from the wintergreen. Ahh it’s reminding me of this wintergreen gum I was obsessed with in my teen years…Winterfresh I think it was called? I can recall the packaging, the taste and the smell but not the damn name, figures. For the first few hours this is a very strong birch beer/wintergreen scent. I get tiny nuances of clove and star anise but for the most part it’s all birch beer and wintergreen. After about three hours this fades significantly and the sweet cream comes to the forefront. It seems my body chemistry and cream/milk notes can go rancid but the assertive birch beer and wintergreen seem to keep everything in check. The final stage of this is a lightly wintergreen scented sweet cream that sits close to the skin. This is a fragrance oil that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,so to speak. I can see how some people get Icy Hot/Bengay vibes from this but I agree with Kat, this isn’t medicinal to me at all. Perhaps it’s a matter of individual skin chemistry? It must be said that I rather like the smell of Bengay. Lol, I was always rubbing some on one of my Grandparents while growing up so the smell is kind of nostalgic for me. To me, this is sweet instead of medicinal. It’s definitely unique for sure. I dig it!!!

  2. I don’t get “medicinal” from this at all, as others have mentioned. It’s like an herbal gourmand? That makes no sense. Anyway—it smells exactly like an old-fashioned root beer float to me. It smells delicious and definitely sends my sweet tooth into overdrive 😂

  3. LOVE IT! You must be a fan of root beer/ sarsaparilla to appreciate it! it’s everything I was hoping Solstice
    crimson sap & sassafras would be (it went sadly bitter on me) This one is more sweet and opens with a strong medicinal wintergreen along with the root beer. Yes it is a bit of a icy hot vibe but if you’re a weirdo that likes medicinal smells then you’ll probably love it like I do.

  4. This strikes me as medicinal, both in the bottle and on my skin, for which I was entirely unprepared. It reminds me of Icy Hot, actually. I don’t mind the smell of Icy Hot, especially with how much it soothes my aching muscles, but I’m also not going to put on a perfume specifically to smell like it. People often describe this as a root beer scent, and I’m not getting that at all. It’s not bubbly or sweetened like soda. Hours later, I’m left with a softly sweet smell that must be the sweet cream note. Reminds me of the ice cream of the same name from Coldstone Creamery. With all the other stuff gone, it’s quite lovely. I haven’t had good luck with “milk” notes from Hex, so I was concerned about that part going into it. I’d be open to trying blends using that note in other ways now. Good to know! No Wolfsbane for me though.

  5. It’s weird and fun! Very strong root beer with some mint as top notes (which go together surprisingly well), and then dries down slight rich sweetness that I’m guessing is the sweet cream note with a touch of root beer. LOVE the drydown especially.

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