Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Fresh floofy marshmallow fluff.

Released: The Gobblefunk Collection

4 thoughts on “Zozimus”

  1. Sweet and comforting, not sickly sweet but warm. This is the scent I’d love to wear by itself and to layer. Cozy. Does have a underlying note of perfume if you really search for it up close (like, nose to skin), but from a distance, it’s just sweet.

  2. So from what I’ve read this is supposed to be a singular marshmallow note. This is failing miserably with my skin chemistry. If I apply lightly, I get the faintest whiff of marshmallow. It’s not overly sweet at all but to my nose this smells more of sugar than actual marshmallow. Maybe like hard rock candy (does anybody remember this?) with a slight marshmallow/vanillic tinge. When I slather it on in hopes of a stronger scent it just smells completely wrong. A strange cross between vanilla tinged plastic doll heads and gasoline. Lol, then I end up smelling like an empty plastic bag that the marshmallows were in, and in the worst way! This is 100% my skin chemistry shitting all over me. Does my skin hate marshmallow? I’ve really wanted to find a good marshmallow scent. Mallow seems to work with me but I doubt their even related although the mallow smell reminds me of marshmallows. Then again, the smell is similar so maybe they are related somehow. Time to consult the internet. Now I’m worried my skin hates marshmallow. I have (but haven’t yet tried) a Marshmallow pumpkin butter from HoG that I’m hoping agrees with me. Every oil is different so I’m crossing my fingers. Sadly Zozimus didn’t work out for me.

  3. Fresh marshmallow it says, and fresh marshmallow it is. To me, a “fresh” marshmallow has a certain wetness to it, like it was literally just made. It should highlight and lean into the vanilla aspect. It should be slightly mushier and meltier than airy and powdered sugar-y. This fits that description very well on application. As it dries down, it develops those other (dry) marshmallow characteristics too. That’s fitting since it’s sorta like a real fresh marshmallow drying. After a couple hours, it’s all merged together. It’s stunning. It’s like my natural skin smell is being marshmallow amped. So cool. This is a phenomenal rendition of one-note marshmallow. I’m always impressed when something this sweet doesn’t morph or become cloying or aggressive. I’m also amused by how much I enjoy the smell of marshmallow perfumes and body products because I’m not at all a fan of the food itself. This is on the backburner for me though. I like it, but I’m curious to try things like Black Vanilla or Morning Star as a sweet base from this house, so I’ll probably do that first before committing to Zozimus. My habits tend to be that even one-note scents I fall head-over-heels for end up only being used to layer. Still, this is flawlessly executed, and I highly recommend it for die-hard marshmallow fans.

  4. Marshmallow! Marshmallow!! MARSHMALLOW!!! For real. You even get the little poof of sugary, powdery goodness when you open a bag. I love it, but it disappears on my skin too fast. I think my skin just ravenously devours it. Much like I would a bag of the real thing. 😉

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