Slow Explosions

Brand: Imaginary Authors

Scent Description:

Saffron, Rose Absolute, Leather, Apple, Benzoin, Cashmeran, Arpora Night Market

“I was lost, aimless, and depressed. Now I’m only two of those things.”

-Gwen K. Vroomen

In 1980, Gwen K. Vroomen quit a monotonous job, went to the corner bar, and – on the bartender’s urging – threw a dart at a world map tacked on the wall. She had never heard of Goa but knew immediately she needed to go. Three months later she was celebrating Hindu New Year at a tea garden high in the hills of Kerala, fireworks exploding below. She wrote of that night: “I was resuscitated by color, redeemed by the vibrant unknown.” Her self-proclaimed “Journey out of darkness,” dotted with unforgettable stories of night markets, river floats, and harrowing moped rides, inspired a generation of young Americans eager to buck the drudgery of ordinary life.
WHEN TO WEAR: With pops of rose and hits of saffron, this scent explodes on the skin and awakens the senses. Every inhale will open you up to the idea of escape, push you to take risks, and embolden you to get truly lost. Let us know how it goes.

1 thought on “Slow Explosions”

  1. After a rose-scented punch to the face, it turns into a warm and leathery scent. The saffron is very present in this, reminding me a little bit of curry, but not in a bad way. The rose just about vanishes after the initial shock of it, which is a shame. After a couple hours the fragrance is still present, (which is a welcome surprise for IA), shifting into a very dry, mildly spiced leather with hints of dry benzoin. It does make me think of night markets, but I wish the rose and the apple were more prominent on my skin to make it feel a little less as if I just rubbed curried rice all over me.

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