1 thought on “Inamorata”

  1. Wet: On application, this brings to mind crisp chocolate shortbread, mounds of whipped cream dusted with dark cocoa and topped with candied hazelnuts, and the opening delivers a cloud of dusty dark chocolate powder, with thin and runny creme anglaise. Puzzlingly enough, sharp almond also pops up, sitting on the top of the cake, but it fades within half an hour.

    Dried down: This scent is fascinating, despite being very much a pure gourmand in terms of listed notes, there’s a floral element that starts to grow and flourish on my skin, like a full bodied blend of wisteria and peony. The longer I wore this, the florals blossomed on top of the subtle chocolate notes. The gourmand aspect of this scent, a dry cocoa, nutella piped on top of chocolate shortbread, and the aroma of wheat and baked biscuits became increasingly subtle, overtaken by the intoxicating bloom of shampoo friendly florals. The scent stays firmly linear after the gourmand and florals reach equilibrium, and ended up wearing for about 4 hours on my skin.

    Perfect for: Going to a party. It’s floral enough that people aren’t going to mistake you for the dense chocolate cake, but it’s just sweet enough to remind you that you’re worth that extra slice.

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