Koa Wood

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, acacia koa wood symbolizes integrity and strength. It is chatoyant honey gold and deep bronze when polished to perfection. The wood has little to no characteristic scent of its own, but our interpretation of its natural beauty is blackstrap molasses, lavish mahogany, light blonde amber, and a splash of effervescent ginger. Wear this dark, sumptuous blend for grounding, harmonizing, and re-balancing your energy. It is particularly supportive when you need to stay strong in challenging times.

Released: Return to the Big Island

1 thought on “Koa Wood”

  1. This is perfect. It’s so good. Imagine a warm wood mixed with resinous, rich amber, plus hints of sweet honey and a bit of spice that is unique and interesting. As you smell it, different things come out each time. It’s warm and cozy and sweet and clean and perfect.

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