Brand: Latherati

Scent Description: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – spiced orange marmalade, black & pink pepper and a spot of tea on a shelf of amber & musk.

2 thoughts on “Curiouser”

  1. The marmalade explains the tart, sweet, fruity vibe I got when it was wet. There’s also a creamy, vanilla-leaning sweetness that comes in after a while that’s probably the amber. And the amber, pepper, or musk could account for the slight powdery-ness I got about an hour in. It’s been a few hours now and I get an almost jammy, sweet citrus now, powdery amber, and pink pepper. It’s pleasant, and even my SO (who is a bit pickier than I am with scents) really likes it.

  2. The orange is very sweet at first. It really smells like marmalade. After a few minutes,the pepper comes out. The amber and musk don’t come out distinctly, though I think they are there in the background holding the other two together. I can’t really smell the tea. This doesn’t seem to last too long on my skin, unfortunately.

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