Hearts Insurgent

Brand: Latherati

Scent Description:┬áJude the Obscure, Thomas Hardy – rich vanilla, hints of rose and honey with dusky notes of nag champa incense.

2 thoughts on “Hearts Insurgent”

  1. My skin chemistry really amps honey, so anytime I wear anything with honey notes in it, they are at the forefront. It’s a very realistic honey scent, followed by the softness of the nag champa. I don’t get too much rose, which is good because I don’t really enjoy rose….in this scent, it’s interpreted more as just a floral note. I love how cozy and warm this scent is.

  2. I have fallen in love with this!! Found in the copper city brewery ladies room (of all places­čśŐ). How can I get this product!!!!!

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